I’ve had previous experimence with this establishment

Photo: Jason Lozier

Photo: Jason Lozier

I’ve had previous experience with this establishment. The last time I went to Lendal Cellars, (some years ago, it must be said) it was more like Grendel’s cavern – dark, festering corners and an unpleasant sense of musty damp. Luckily, that’s all changed.

Upon descending into the pub, the softly lit two-tiered cellar, all plush chairs, benches and wooden tables, is tidy and warm without being inspiring.

The frankly ridiculously small bar shows that this is a food oriented pub, somewhere reassuring to bring your Mum after she’s huffed and puffed at the alcohol to food ratio in your house fridge.

The prices are pretty grown up too – £2.60 for a Greene King IPA, an easy drinking Suffolk brew that, coming from those parts, I have supped many a time. Yorkshire Terrier is the standard local alternative.

The wine list is far more diverse. For a pub the choice is excellent and you will definitely find the right bottle to accompany a meal, but you will not be paying extortionate restaurant prices for the pleasure of it.

Although I did not eat myself, the young couple at the table I spied on were merrily demolishing a brace of winter warmers, all of which are priced around the £8-10 mark. This was followed by a very well received steamy, custardy number, a commendable choice given the filthy weather outside.

My one main bone of contention was the peculiar music. One moment, inoffensively mellow jazz, the next, Dappy was barking at me from a terribly recorded live album, somewhat ruining the calm, relaxed atmosphere.

Just as the two-pint fuzz began to creep its way into my brain, a dozen roaring rugbyoids came barrelling into the cellar, baying for pint after pint of naff lager. It was time to use the absolutely sparkling loos, put on my coat and head out into the dank February night.

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  1. Very well written and entertaining. Kudos!

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