Nouse Playlist

Mothers’ Day is on the horizon, so slam some of these tunes on a mixtape to earn some sweet maternal affection.

Queen – Tie Your Mother Down
This’ll get Mum dancing around with a hairbrush, whilst simultaneously reminding her not to meddle in your love life.

The Shangri Las – I Can Never Go Home Anymore
The most heartbreaking song about mums ever written.

John Lennon – Mother
A dark, cathartic hymn to a broken home. Only use if your mum divorced your dad and you hate her for it.

Captain Beefheart – When I See Mummy I Feel Like A Mummy
Surreal latter-day Beefheart. It’s about mummies, but it sounds like it was written for Dada.

The Doors – The End
If you harbour Oedipal fantasies about mummy dearest then use this bloated slice of Dionysian psychedelia. Jim Morrison howling “mother I want to fuck you!” like a mad wolf will turn her on to your perverse intentions.

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