MUSE: February 23 2010

Image: dadacas

Image: dadacas

When I became MUSE Editor, I was given many valuable pieces of advice. Among these, I was most skeptical about the instruction to set up a point system and set it up fast. I was shocked. Of course I didn’t need a point system. I had thought long and hard about my managerial techniques and they were bound to work. Two editions in, I realise this was a mistake. Staring at what can only be described as a diabolical article, I announced to the office: “I can’t decide whether this person is just cheeky or just lazy? Or both.” And thus the point system was born.

Never one to be a Debbie downer about things, I created a carrot to go alongside the stick. Inspired by YUSU’s campaign, people who please me are described as “golden”. Just in case this isn’t incentive enough, I’ve also taken to turning up with vast quantities of food including reward chubba chups and conciliatory baked goods. Just call me the fucking muffin man.

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