It’s all about the cashflow

This week, we’re talking denarii, yen, dollars, and a whole load of organisation in between. First, I met with Becky Young, the Fusion Secretary at The Courtyard. After an enlightening discussion about the head-freezing qualities of smoothies, we get down to business…

Not to be rude, Becky, but what on earth does the role of Secretary actually involve?

Booking rooms, however dull that sounds, that’s my main role, along with organising Committee meetings, taking minutes…

Is it ever…problematic to book rooms!?

Actually, yes! Everyone wants the biggest spaces.

Why did you run?

The show last year was phenomenal… I’m not that fashionable, I can’t even put own makeup on and I can’t dance to save my life, but I was fascinated by role. I heard Cesca was to run and although it was labelled stereotypical, it was such a good thing to join.

What do you say to the stigma attached to Fusion?

Lots of people think it’s all about ‘pretty people’ but it’s an amazing dance show, and one of those University experiences which you should definitely get involved in. It’s the most versatile thing on campus. It’s not a case of prettiness – the fact is that there were 155 girls, all competing for the same position.

It seems like I’ve hit a nerve of a sense of departure with Ms Young… As we leave The Courtyard, she exclaims: “I’m really gonna miss it… oh!”

The next day, I kept to the “serious stuff” and met with Emily Scorey, Fusion Treasurer in V-bar. Busy busy times for the majority, but for these two ladies, things are dying down.

What does your role actually mean, Emily? Is it basically a load of number crunching?

I tell people what they can spend and collect money. I also sort out budgets for the show, and I make sure people actually understand how much they have to spend.

All this talk about finance is definitely not to my liking!

The money we spend is what we can afford and what makes the show look good. It might sound hard if you sit and look at it not knowing tech terms if you’re given money accounts.

What have your aims been in terms of working out the budgeting?

To absolve costs and still give a decent amount to RAG, and make more than last year.

Why did you run for what seems to be a pretty serious role?

I really wanted to do more around campus and Cesca told me about the elections…and I’m really into the performing arts anyway.

So would you ever consider performing in the show?

I’m desperate to be in it, I’m really kicking myself. I was at auditions helping out, as well!

So maybe not as quiet times as I thought? It would appear that for these ladies their involvement with Fusion means doing things entirely behind the scenes, without much outward recognition for it. Maybe that’s what I should do. After all, my dancing abilities are more than limited (to Tru, Gallery, or similar)…and I’ve certainly not got the making of a model.

Coming up… RAG chats and a couple of backstage peeks exclusive to Nouse!

And not to mention, that with TEN days to go, tickets actually go on sale on Wednesday 24 March. It might be a little later than expected, but with any luck this won’t have too much of an impact for the Committee… Hop to it, web-goers!

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  1. How can you be intimating that Fusion’s nothing to do with social exclusivity and popularity when you’re interviewing a series of its members individually, and naming and providing completely irrelevant information about them?

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