3, 2, 1: Lift off

This week has also seen the final Fusion event before the show itself: the Launch Party. It was held at Vodka Revs on Monday, where about 75 people turned up to see the promotional video for the show, complete with steamy models and a dramatic ‘Twisted Fairytale’ forest setting…A nice little sneak preview with 14 days to go, according to the Fusion website…check out the promo video coming soon to www.fusionyork.co.uk. Tickets should also actually be on sale any day now, exciting stuff! Last year, the second night of Fusion totally sold out, so make sure you get in there quick this year.

In the spirit of events, I met up with Anamika Vithlani, one of the two Fusion Events Co-ordinators. She bounded into Costa Coffee to meet me straight from a Lacrosse practice…and here’s what we got to chatting about!

Okay Anamika, tell me a bit about the role of Events Co-ordinator.

Well, we organise the actual Fusion events, which is the main thing – we try to get at least two a term and then the after party which is the big one. Last year was really good, so hopefully this year will be just as good.

What’s the hardest part of organising these events, and how do you go about it?

First we usually come up with the theme. It’s the venue which is the harder part – a lot of places don’t want to hire out for students and some societies have made a bad name for themselves which can make things difficult…Luckily Fusion has a good rep in town! For example, VUDU were really happy to have us.

Aww, that’s lovely! Which has been your favourite event so far this year?

The Living Room event was really good, we try to make most of the events themed…but the Living Room was totally different. We managed to get the timing just right, with a good location, theme, a jazz band, candy canes, RAG were there, and we had a raffle! It really was buzzing!

How did you get involved in Fusion?

A friend of mine was a dancer so she told me a lot about it…but seeing the show is a big thing and because it’s a really good show you really want to be involved. The other thing I noticed (which is the case where a lot of people think Fusion is “exclusive”) is that coming in, I didn’t know anyone, but integrating has been so easy. I’m so grateful – it’s opened loads of doors.

With events, I can imagine you get quite a sense of achievement in seeing something that you’ve brought about?

It’s always nice to see what you can pull together, so yeah, it does make me feel proud, especially when even events at big clubs can get shut down so easily.

It doesn’t seem too stressful!

My biggest problem is that I never decide what to wear till the last minute, so my housemates always telling me what me to wear and giving me options!

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