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Hello Fusion lovers!

So far this week I’ve met up with Rose Rea, Fusion’s Creative Director in Central Hall, during a rehearsal. Rose has been present at pretty much every rehearsal I’ve been to, assisting by starting the music and seeing how things look…Blackberry in hand, and MacBook at the ready with a pile of Fusion documents open, I got ready to learn a little more about Fusion…

What do you do in your role as Creative Director?

What do I not do? I oversee all the different creative areas of the show and events, for one – Cesca and I came up with the theme together, and then I wrote the basis of the show.

How did you get involved in Fusion?

I owe Cesca the whole experience – she said there was a great position open, but I didn’t know much about Fusion at the time. Creative Director was the only position I could’ve filled successfully, so I met up with last year’s Creative Director, Ollie Tilney. My idea for the theme was one I kind of liked so I thought about it for a couple of days and ran with it…If there was a reason I got the position, that’s why.

Tell me more about the theme, Twisted Fairytales… without giving too much away of course!

It really has taken some wild turns. There’s a lot of scope to be wild, but if it weren’t for Will, Danielle, Cecily, and Jeremy it wouldn’t have spread as far as it has. It’s both scary and wonderful to see it take shape with other people taking it forward – and those people have such drive that they make the surreal things that I only see in my head a reality.

It seems like you’re very involved with the process at the moment?

I bounce ideas with Simon [Music Director], and am pretty involved with other people’s spheres. If there’s something I can input, I say so. No one minds everyone butting in. None of us were really good friends before the process began but our working and personal relationships have evolved really well. Without everyone pulling their weight, we wouldn’t have the finished result. I love rehearsals – they relax me the most, it’s so weird! I like seeing this progress every week, like we’re gonna get there.

No inter-Committee anger, then?

No one gets pissed off – everything is conducive to end product. I don’t really ever see anything as not being “my area”, I don’t ever feel I’ve done something I shouldn’t be doing. And I don’t feel aggrieved that someone asks me to step in – it’s part of my job, and because I don’t mind it doesn’t bother me.

Are you beginning to get worried about the show?

I’m not worried, but apprehensive. We want it to build on the incredible success of last year. As I sit in this room, I now think we can only go higher, and not fall short. I’m a positive sort of nervous…touch wood nothing will go wrong, the pace is going well!

I think it’s quite hard for people who haven’t been involved in Fusion to understand the workings of it from behind the scenes…

As long as people have a great experience of the show, that’s what matters. It’s rewarding even if people don’t fully grasp it – on the last night we’ll look at the performance and say that’s what we wanted. As long as we’re proud, it doesn’t matter to a certain extent.

What do you think is the hardest thing for people to grasp about Fusion?

The sense of camaraderie. It’s so nice when people come out chatting from rehearsals and are talking about the show… The experience is priceless and no one can take it away from you.

You seem really busy, by the looks of things?

I have dreams about Fusion all the time. Because it’s fairytale, it’s so easy for it to slip into your subconscious! At the moment there’s nothing I like more than when people don’t ask me questions. It’s got to a stage where I’ve got a food timetable…

What!? That’s crazy! What’s on the menu tonight?

Prawn, spring onion, and lemon risotto made by my boyfriend!

I bet you’re really loving all that organisation…What’s one thing that Fusion has taught you so far?

Fusion has taught me diplomacy, and having to accommodate opinions, to learn as much as I can. People with attitudes don’t get anywhere, if you bring it to rehearsal, you get nowhere…it’s so different if you come with a smile and willingness to help.

Would you ever consider performing in Fusion yourself?

Ha! You must be joking! I respect the dancers… Not just cause I’m a shitty dancer but because of their enthusiasm.

By the end of our chat, I realise Rose has been doodling with a biro and some Tippex. And her inadvertent drawing? A little Fusion logo on a scrap of paper. It really is in her subconscious, after all!


  1. I’m sorry but this is verging on Heat magazine standard in terms of irrelevance and fatuousness; who honestly cares about Fusion enough to want to read a series of sinfully boring, repetitive interviews with its organisers?

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  2. Think what you will; quite a few people read this blog.

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  3. 17 Feb ’10 at 6:16 pm

    Non-Fusion loving Camilla fan

    Bahhh this is so fun and well-written. What’s wrong with a bit of gossip?

    Camilla, you go girl.

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