Andrew McIlwraith

Candidate profiles from YUSU Elections 2010

A Social Policy and Social Work undergraduate, McIlwraith is passionate about seeing welfare issues raised in areas which have he argues have been previously been neglected.

His membership with the hockey club during the past 3 years has sensitised McIlwraith to the need for more welfare involvement in sports clubs, “to bring a turn-around of identities”. In his manifesto, he pledges to “take welfare to students” by being available as a welfare prescence at Ziggy’s, as well as holding weekly welfare drop-ins in discrete places around campus.

With his slogan ‘Don’t be Wak, Vote for Mak’, McIlwraith’s focus is to “give the customer what they want”.


  1. I can’t hep but feel that Andrew would be perfect for this position. He is the caring and dedicated type that this position requires. His position in the Hockey club only goes to show that he is as dedicated athletically as he is to the welfare of his fellow students.

    He would be a true asset to YUSU, and the students of this university.

    Vote Mac.

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  2. I think it is disgusting how Nouse are blatantly favouring Andy Mac’s opponents, not even affording his sensitive, pro-welfare, good looks to sit next to this profile, instead presenting him as a hairy boss-eyed muppet of some sort.

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  3. I believe someone has asked for an image, and as soon as I get one I’ll upload it (the images were taken at the candidates briefing).

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  4. “the images were taken at the candidates briefing”

    So why change it, did McIlwraith shave his red fur or something?

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  5. Patently it is because McIlwraith didn’t turn up to the aforementioned briefing, demonstrating his undying dedication to the role.

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