Electioneering heats up, plus Tim’s ‘one-year goal’

Nominations open tomorrow, and from where OTR is standing, that fact is all too apparent. At RAG at the Movies last night, only Hesselwood of the likely Student Activities candidates was not in attendance, as Scarlett, Malkin and Unsworth recognised the value of spending time with incumbent Kinchin, showing their RAG commitment and glad-handing potential voters.

Malkin – perhaps looking to quieten the murmurs of dissent from those that view his late arrival on the RAG scene as a little too cynical – came straight from a dance competition in Durham to grace the event. While one high-profile campaign manager told OTR on Friday that they thought he’d “left it too late to join the committee and look genuine”, those involved with the event management last night were full of praise for Malkin’s efforts behind the scenes.

Still, as far as OTR is concerned, Malkin’s efforts to potentially increase his exposure pale in comparison to a certain Mr Jason Rose – or ‘~J’ as he now seems to prefer, alerting all those who weren’t aware of his Nouse comment prowess.

~J – as OTR will hence affectionately refer to him, as current YUSU Campaigns Officer, emailed the 1,900 members of the Save The Porters Campaign Facebook group last night with a request to join a new group and post thoughts on how they have been affected by the changes. Quite why a new group is needed, OTR is unsure, but that would certainly be a good way for Rose to get his name out to 1,900 students that might, as a result, associate him with last term’s protests. Now that’s a strong line to run an election campaign on.

Or perhaps that’s just a conspiracy theory. Who knows. But like I said, nominations open tomorrow.

Talking of nominations, someone who looks set to get his form filled in this week is incumbent President Tim Ngwena, who has declared his intentions to run for a second term. But I’ve been doing some digging…

Now OTR loves archives; they tell you all kinds of perhaps forgotten things. Like did you know that the James Treasurer in 2006 was forced to resign after drunkenly getting his todger out at a committee meeting? Or that later in 2006, YUSU were forced to admit that a sex game of “students’ bingo” was a rather bad idea?

More to the point, do you remember Tim telling hustings last year that he wasn’t at all interested in running for two years and that he had a ‘one-year goal’, despite the tough employment climate. No? Perhaps he can’t either. I bet he regrets saying that now. For the record, the three other candidates gave well-orchestrated open answers. You can find the write-up here at 22:10.

Also, while I’m talking Hustings, go re-watch this video of the traditional Presidents quick-fire questions. It’s actually quite funny – especially when Bushby refers to Grant Bradley as ‘Graeme’. Oh, and when he says he wouldn’t eat a badger because “it’s an animal.”

Credits to Matthew Tole and YSTV.


  1. Whenwill Nouse be getting nomination info? straight away/at end of the day/week/at the closing of nominations?

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  2. XXIII, I think the two chances of YUSU volunteering that info to me are slim and not-a-f*cking-chance.

    I’ll do my best to get the knowledge daily though.

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  3. XXIII – Nouse are launching a mini-site with information on all candidates, hopefully on Friday at the closing of nominations. However, we are still in negotiations with YUSU as to when we will receive information on who has put themselves forward for nomination, and when we are allowed to release this. We obviously hope to let you know all information as soon as possible.

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  4. As well as ~J, turns out Chris Etheridge has also sent out an email to some 1900 students via the YUSU portering group, barely a day after Jason sent out his.

    Presumably he didn’t think of the idea himself but thought he might as well try and jump on the bandwagon.

    That being said, the group Jason set up is worthwhile and while being so cynical HJF it would be nice if you encouraged people to submit their tales of porter deprived woe!

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  5. 15 Feb ’10 at 1:02 am

    Christopher Etheridge

    Johnny, I sincerely apologise if you view my email in that way. The reason I actually sent it was because I felt it important to support Jason in this next stage of the portering campaign as co-campaigns officer.

    As we are both mandated to collect information for this dossier it makes sense if we both make an effort. Plus, in any development in a campaign, an initial burst of publicity is necessary in order to get it off the ground.

    Either way, I do hope you and other viewers on Nouse will take the opportunity to join the group and tell us about your experiences now that we’ve had a reasonable duration of time with the changed portering arrangements.

    Best wishes

    Chris Etheridge

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  6. The group was supposed to be created several weeks ago by another individual. As it wasn’t, and I felt it to be important, I thought I’d construct it now. If I were to be doing it for electoral purposes, I’d be posting my name out there during the election time, surely?

    The group is to help provide physical examples of personal situations affected by the portering situation to help write a dossier on how students would be affected. It also has the advantage of providing a checklist of things that will need to be covered by any portering campaign (and of course the list we already have of hypotheticals; somebody should be manning lodges, there needs to be support for international and disabled students etc)… Suggesting that I’m “electioneering” is a little harsh!

    And I’ve been posting for a long time. I only started posting more recently because some of the rumours were inaccurate or amusing and also because there was near-daily content. Usually I post once on a news item and leave it (or don’t comment) these days… if you want, I can stop commenting again!

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  7. Is there a problem with the date on this? I thought it was published on the 14th, but it seems to say it’s on the 13th…

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  8. Sorry Ben, it was saved as a draft on the evening of the 13th before being published on the 14th – hence the confusion. Fixed now.

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  9. 15 Feb ’10 at 11:30 am

    Vanbrugh Computer Room Crew

    Hesselwood wasn’t at the RAG Bash because she was training 500 people about how to run student activities for student-aged people.

    Just what I heard…

    She’s a good egg.

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  10. Also what is and isn’t electioneering? If emailing about portering is electioneering from the Campaigns Officers, is me emailing URY about merchandise as treasurer? Is raising £3,000+ for Haiti electioneering? If Luke joining RAG committee to gain experience then was me joining my board of studies in the first year electioneering for this upcoming election? Where do you draw the line?

    Electioneering is, imo, publicity for the sake of publicity – the email that I sent was specifically targeting portering and focussed on that (and I didn’t even sign off with my name. Same as on here – if I was electioneering surely I’d want “Jason Rose” everywhere?!) and the publicity was in aid of the portering campaign, which all Officers are mandated to publicise and support with the penalty of no-confidence hanging over those who don’t…?!

    Anyway, nominations open shortly so we’ll see how much the rumours change about those who are running….

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  11. Jason, you don’t need to sign with your name to alert people it has come from you. It’s Facebook…

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  12. Jason,

    I realise how hard it is for any potential candidate in a position(s) of responsibility to do something at this time of year without being accused of electioneering.

    However, can you 100% honestly say that the thought, ‘this may help with my name recognition in the build up to elections,’ didn’t cross your mind when setting up the group?

    I’m not saying it would be *the* reason for doing it but surely it had some sway?

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  13. 15 Feb ’10 at 1:52 pm

    Joey Gudjohnson

    I <3 HJF x

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  14. In fairness, there’s a big difference between starting a Facebook group asking for feedback on the portering situation as part of a wider campaign (for which Jason is directly responsible and that has been planned for months) and suddenly guesting on radio shows and joining committees weeks before the election.

    Call it electioneering if you will, but i’d much rather see people doing things of benefit to students and/or related to their current positions than candidates doing things clearly for the election alone, or to acquire some form of campus celebrity status to win votes that way.

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  15. “Scarlett, Malkin and Unsworth recognised the value of spending time with incumbent Kinchin”

    She’s very good friends with Scarlett and with Unsworth, so I really doubt them spending time with her counts as electioneering…

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  16. “Jason,

    I realise how hard it is for any potential candidate in a position(s) of responsibility to do something at this time of year without being accused of electioneering.

    However, can you 100% honestly say that the thought, ‘this may help with my name recognition in the build up to elections,’ didn’t cross your mind when setting up the group?

    I’m not saying it would be *the* reason for doing it but surely it had some sway?”

    No. No sway at all. I want, before the end of my time as Campaigns Officer, to actually have done something with the portering campaign and instead of relying on other people I have decided to just do lots of it myself. If you want to link it to the elections, feel free. If you want to link it to the fact that my time of office is ending, feel free. The latter is more true and to be honest neither is that true (I just got impatient)…

    But again, as I said before, what is and isn’t electioneering? I’ve had a radio show for two years and last week interviewed Chair of the Standing Committee for Assessment, the RAG Officers and one of the LGBT Officers. But last term I interviewed Jane Grenville, York Sport President. Over Christmas I interviewed one of the PPCs; how much is electioneering and how much is just wanting to make good radio? I’m running the first gig since 1985 in Central Hall on YUSU Election Results night and am therefore admin of that event too and will be sending out messages reminding about tickets – is that electioneering? I planned the event with the University from last June onwards and wasn’t expecting it to be the first (Freshers Fair was supposed to be)..?

    And as said before, YUSU Campaigns Committee planned this a long time ago and it never materialised. Remember that the Portering Campaign wasn’t an election pledge so how would it be considered electioneering?

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  17. In Soviet Russia, Jason Rose emails YOU.
    Oh, wait. That doesn’t work.

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  18. Inversely, in Capitalist Russia, YOU email Jason Rose?

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  19. I’m not sure you understand Russian Reversal – see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yakov_Smirnoff#Russian_reversal for more details. In Soviet Russia, Nouse posts on ME far too much. That sort of thing….

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