YUSU Sabbatical Officers kidnapped by RAG

Five of the six YUSU Sabbatical Officers were today “kidnapped” by Raising and Giving (RAG) and held at ransom in a fundraising event as part of this year’s RAG Week

Five of the six YUSU Sabbatical Officers were “kidnapped” yesterday by Raising and Giving (RAG) and held at ransom in a fundraising event as part of this year’s RAG Week.

The five officers, short of currently absent YUSU Democracy and Services Officer, Lewis Bretts, were escorted from the YUSU Office through Vanbrugh College and finally to the Courtyard. Their wrists were duct-taped together whilst their mouths were duct-taped over. This, however, did not stop the YUSU President, Tim Ngwena, and YUSU Welfare Officer, Ben Humphrys, from making multiple attempts to escape.

They were led back by YUSU Campaigns Officer, Jason Rose, and RAG Committee member, Nick Scarlett, who also accompanied the kidnapping party.

Cries of “free your Sabbs, donate to RAG” encouraged students to give money to the greater cause, in the fundraising ploy originally planned by Scarlett and YUSU Student Activities Officer, Rhianna Kinchin.

YUSU RAG Officers, Helen Fry and Zoe Stones, described the idea as “genius”.

The pair continued: “The official ransom amount was ‘one hundred squillion dollars’, and although we were close to reaching our target, we eventually decided to show mercy and set the Sabbs free, letting them return to their work.”

The Sabbatical Officers were held captive for just over half an hour. Upon their release, YUSU Academic Affairs Officer, Charlie Leyland, raced Humphrys and Ngwena back to their work in the YUSU Office.

The event was not entirely spontaneous, as Ngwena has revealed to Nouse, “we thought we were helping fundraise so the time had been arranged, but we evidently turned out to be the subjects of the fundraising push.”

Ngwena stated that “the event today was a lot of fun and the Sabbs enjoyed the activities even though it did mean being taped up.”

The kidnapping, which was originally planned to take place on Tuesday of this week, continued in the vein of a similar RAG event that took place last year when the members of the University Radio York (URY) were taken hostage in their own studio.

Humphrys described the hi-jinx as “truly terrifying”. Fry and Stones claim that the Officers “thoroughly enjoyed the kidnapping” and would like to thank “all the students who generously donated to the Sabbs’ cause.”

RAG week continues tonight with Saturday seeing the much awaited RAG parade through York city centre, and the ‘RAG goes to Hollywood’ after party in the evening.


  1. It was a fairly decent stunt, and kudos to Scarlett and Kinchin for the idea.

    However I think the fact it was only the RAG Officers, the RAG Vice and the organisers, plus a few YUSU Officers Peter Medley and Jason Rose who actually did it is a bit of a poor showing from the RAG Committee once again…

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  2. 23 Feb ’10 at 11:32 am

    Ollie Wiggins

    Would have been nice if they’d kept Rihanna, she’d probably have been more likely to reply to emails sent to her that way…

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