The Rise and Rise of Jason Rose

Jason Rose threw something of a spanner in the works last night, or at least pretended to, for all intents and purposes, by seeming to declare his candidacy for Democracy and Services, in my opinion.

I’m still betting he’ll run for Academic Officer, but for what it’s worth, his claim allows me to show you all this gem of an interview, which appeared on YouTube this morning, courtesy of the marvellous Oli Lester:

There’s a decent chance either – or both – of these men will be running our Union next year.

In other news, I saw some pre-Elections campaign paraphernalia yesterday: stickers for a certain would-be Presidential candidate. They were rather impressive, to be honest, but I wonder what Fairness and Democracy Officer Bretts would think?

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  1. I’m not really running for D&S >.>

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  2. Brilliant editing!


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  3. 3 Feb ’10 at 4:23 pm

    Spanner in the Works

    I wonder if Oliver Lester got YSTV’s permission before he re-edited their video….

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  4. It’s creative commons, so he doesn’t need to get permission. He does need to acknowledge the source though ;)

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  5. 4 Feb ’10 at 8:44 am

    Nouse (not actually)

    Creative commons? Acknowledge the source? The guy has just produced a masterpiece! Just checked out his video on 10 hidden secrets too…and wow. Fantastic!
    Also, have you noticed that the first four posts spell ‘Jizz’? How juvenile.
    Warm regards,

    Henry Foy

    Comment by moderator: this probably isn’t Henry James Foy

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  6. I got an email today from Youtube notifying me that a report has been made by YSTV for copyright infringement!

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  7. Oliver Lester you are a thief!

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  8. Don’t I get any ownership over a video of myself? :( I want Oli to be allowed to keep it :(

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  9. No you don’t. Either you have given permission for YSTV to film you or you have been filmed in a public place. The recording is the creative work of YSTV which was made on their equipment by their members, so they have ownership.
    However, YSTV release their productions under a Creative Commons license ( As Chris said, this allows reuse without seeking permission, but the license does require that YSTV is acknowledged as the original source.

    Lessons from today: read the rules and don’t mess with the media! :p

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  10. Actually Jason and Oli there is no reason why you can’t put the video back up again, as long as you just say something like ‘footage courtesy of YSTV’. It really comes down to fairness.
    Actually, think of it as plagiarism. You didn’t create the video, so you need to cite the source. Surely you’ve learnt that from ‘Get Techie Get Sourcey’!

    As for ‘Spoilsports’, if Vision or The Yorker just published some Nouse articles without reference I’m sure you’d have something to say about that!

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  11. Perhaps but if Vision posted a spoof based on a Nouse article then there would be no problem; “Tim Ngwena’s Blueberry” wouldn’t get a copyright infringement claim :P

    But yeah, Oli should just accredit it properly and put it back up >.>

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  12. I guess we’ve all learnt something here today guys.

    The footage will be put up again when I get back to York.

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  13. Jason Rose likes this.

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