Who’s the fairest of them all?

It seems to me that the Fusion models definitely didn’t know what they were getting themselves in for. When you think of all the “beautiful” people doing modeling, choreographed character routines don’t necessarily come to mind…but when you’re a part of Fusion? Expectations rise to a whole other level.

The facial expressions when the boys from one of the modeling scenes found out that they had to do more than just walk down a catwalk in their first rehearsal, was one of sheer disbelief. Whatever they were expecting, they were certainly not prepared to be learning any sort of dance moves. Without giving it all away, we’re talking real sexual tension between the female lingerie models their male counterparts. The end product? Oh, it’ll be a sight for the ladieeeees. Girls, you’ll want to be there, for sure.

Of the other modelling rehearsals I frequented this week, the variety of musical arrangements which the group of choreographers (it’s not just Jeremy and Danielle choreographing every modelling scene as well, for which I think they’re pretty thankful) have to work with is really going to give the show some diversity. Think easy listening jazz one minute, hip hop beats the next.

It has to be said, the difference between models and dancers became apparent within minutes…let’s just say I’ve never seen so much fuss about walking in a straight line. Yet, diva-esque characteristics equally started to show after an hour of practice, as I even heard the brave word “freestyling” uttered from one of the boys and posing time on stage. (A concept I wouldn’t have shot down, purely for comedy value.) Then again, neither would I have been surprised if I’d seen one of them asking Fusion Pres Cesca to fetch some mineral water. Anyway, I digress, and will be bringing you more on this and the fashion outfits soon!

I now have quite a lot of respect for the girls, who practiced in some staggeringly high heels. Fusion definitely seems to have sourced out one or two potential “Miss York” candidates for it’s cast. To all those who auditioned but didn’t make the final cut, I send you my commiserations, but just think of it the way I do: those girls will be getting a whole lot of jealous resentment from the majority of campus after Week 8. (Sorry, but York is basically ninety percent female, if you haven’t already noticed lack of male talent around campus. Fact.)

However, the real highlight of this week for me was my Fusion-based dreams of the last three weeks coming true. Well, to a certain extent. I actually got involved in one of the scenes…standing in for a male model…Which is not a lot of consolation when you’re not really feeling all that feminine of a day. (Turquoise coat was on the entire time, not exactly the most flattering attire.) But whatever – march, march, turn, turn – that’s the gist of what I got up to on my Sunday afternoon. Screw degree work, I (would like to think) know what it’s like to be in Fusion now. And it’s FUN. Never thought I’d get so into striding round a room. But, just it is. Seriously!

I must say one thing about the male models at least: they should not try to be dancers. Sorry boys, you’re just not gonna make the cut, just stick to looking pretty. Who knows, most of them are probably reject dance auditionees anyway.

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