Let’s Dress Up. Let’s Get Smashed.

Hello Fusion Lovers! This week saw the second Fusion social event– here’s the lowdown on the stats…

People at event: 90 (although many more tickets were sold)

Well-poised networkers: at least 20.

People who fully dressed up in ‘Fairytale’ costumes: 5.

Award for best costume: Hanah Mamoojee, a costume designer, as an Ice Queen.

Drunken dancers: at least 15, with another 15 well on the way to a thorough inebriation.

Drunken dancers who noticeably fell over: 2.

Drunken dancers slurring “you shhhould be in Fuseshion, why didn’t you auditshionnn?”: 5.

People named Camilla Apcar thinking I should definitely never audition, so as to avoid further social mortification: 1.

Far right: Hanah Mamoojee, photo: Justyn Hardcastle
Far right: Hanah Mamoojee, photo: Justyn Hardcastle

The money from the social ticket sales goes straight towards the running costs of the show, therefore allowing more of the show ticket sales to go straight to the RAG beneficiaries. Has there ever been a better excuse for a social?

Camilla Apcar, Jeremy Lilley, Danielle Spears and Alana Reeves, photo: Justyn Hardcastle
Camilla Apcar, Jeremy Lilley, Danielle Spears and Alana Reeves, photo: Justyn Hardcastle

On another note, there are a lot of preconceptions about the cast of Fusion. Personally, I’m still torn. Word on the street is that it’s made up of a DanceSoc elite, but then again – Fusion is all about dance, so that’s not really much of a surprise, is it now?

Backing this up, two of my Fresher housemates are also in the show, and neither are DanceSoc members. The social also saw a great many of the models striding up the VUDU staircase looking beautifully made up and well coiffed, much to my dismay as I had quite literally run into town from the bus…in the aforementioned huge turquoise coat.

This year also sees YUSU Sabbatical Officers Charlie Leyland and Tim Ngwena dancing alongside the current Fusion President. Charlie may well be the most enthusiastic person there by far, but Tim spends a lot of time either filming the routines or looking baffled. (Probably also delighting in the fact that he’s in a room full of dancers and that the nearest male company is 20 meters away…)

I witnessed the first cracks of stress emerging from the Committee this week, with a couple of frantically tense phone calls mid-rehearsal. Just how many hours certain members of the Committee spend contributing to Fusion rather than on their degree work is also becoming increasingly apparent from the rehearsal schedules. I can only compare that to the amount of time I spend watching television online and making lists of all the menial tasks I “absolutely have to do” (i.e. painting my nails). Cesca, on the other hand, told me that there’s “no point getting stressed”…optimistic leadership? I like it! The Fusion Committee itself is admittedly large,19 students in all – meaning that she probably doesn’t even have the time to get stressed, given that she’s directing that many people.

33 days to go…and all I can hear are the counts of 5, 6, 7, 8 going round in my head. Fusion fever is taking hold! Next time in ‘Twists in the Tales’ – a modeling special!

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