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Phew… production days are busy! Thanks to everyone for keeping the discussion lively here on the web, and keep it up!

At time of writing I’ve still got a few things to finish off, like adding author photos for our beautiful writers, but am pleasantly interrupted from all this by an email from Nouse Web Developer Andrew Fairbairn.

It’s done. Culminating months of hard work and overcoming of technical hurdles by Andrew, I’m incredibly excited to introduce to you Nouse‘s very own mobile website!

The new site can be found at and will work on both computer and mobile – though obviously it’s been designed and optimised for the mobile.

We hope you like it and find it useful, but if you happen to cast a critique-al eye at it and find something amiss, we have surely obviated the need for a frown to cross your face.

In other words, please send your feedback to mobil[email protected] :)

Although we could automate feedback by writing programs to send ourselves mail, we’ve tried it and it’s not quite the same, so we gladly await yours instead.

As you can tell from the paragraph(s) above, I’ve gradually slipped back into nerd mode, and so I’ll take that as my cue to stop talking.

Feel free to end here with a massive grin on your face and, of course, go on the mobile site!


  1. Good stuff, well done!

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  2. Update: There’s now a “Recent Comments” box on the mobile site

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