York student injured in road traffic incident

A University of York student was today hospitalised after being hit by a taxi on University Road.

The female student was knocked down by the vehicle after failing to use the designated pedestrian crossing outside the University’s Market Square.

According to University security personnel present on the scene, the student received “minor head injures” as a result of being thrown up onto the taxi windscreen.

Two police cars and one ambulance arrived within ten minutes of the accident taking place, and the student was taken to the nearest hospital for immediate treatment. She is believed to be in a stable condition.

Although the taxi driver is not, at this point, believed to have broken the 30mph speed restriction, the force of the collision left the taxi with a large dent in the right hand side of its windscreen.

The taxi driver was unhurt, but was described as “very shaken up”. Medical teams confirmed he had also been taken to hospital “as a precaution.”

Since 1997, the Government has put various measures in place to prevent the number and severity of road traffic accidents. All modern vehicles must now be fitted with pedestrian protection features. The introduction of these laws has lead to an estimated 7% reduction in pedestrian deaths, and a 21% reduction in serious injuries, following road-traffic accidents.

The University Press Office has confirmed that“there was an incident on University Road earlier today involving a student who was subsequently taken to hospital for treatment.” The Press Office declined to comment further.


  1. What an absolute joke of an article!

    At the end of the article, you write ‘All modern vehicles must now be fitted with pedestrian protection features’. Maybe you should have investigated the nature of such features before stating that ‘the force of the collision left the taxi with a large dent in the right hand side of its windscreen’

    If that wasn’t enough, you then put that the university ‘declined to comment further’, as if there could possibly be any more to say about a minor accident.

    Sensationalist rubbish, as usual.

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  2. Well.. Not really. Concisely describing something as it happened. I don’t even live on campus but I’d heard rumours about a student being run over so surely it’s right for our University press to give the true story?

    What qualifies as a reasonable subject for a nouse article? Tactical nuclear warheads dropped on alcuin? A Higgs Boson being found under the table in Biology?

    To be honest, what’s the point in criticising something when you won’t even leave a name? Are you Victoria’s ex or something?

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  3. 31 Jan ’10 at 12:10 pm

    Victoria's EX

    No, he’s not Victoria’s ex. I am. I hate all of her articles and her writing style.

    Now give me my shirt and The Notebook dvd back.

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  4. 31 Jan ’10 at 12:10 pm

    Victoria's HUGE Boyfriend

    Back off from my Vicky.

    p.s. I’m wearing your shirt.

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