Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Artist: Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Date: 7th december
Venue: Sheffield o2 Academy
Review: Estella Adeyeri
Rating: ****

Warm up act Duchess Says kicked off with what can only be described as a sonic assault, with front woman Annie-Claude wailing her way through the set in a mostly incoherent manner to a Halloween-inspired dance-punk soundtrack. Halfway through the leading lady departed from the stage to perform amongst the crowd instead, leaving a beleaguered soundman trailing behind to ensure her mic lead didn’t strangle anybody. For the next twenty minutes or so she kept us entertained by wandering around screaming, high-fiving people and playing rock paper scissors, leaving various mutters of “what the fuck?” in her wake.

But soon their performance was pushed into the recesses of my mind as the Yeah Yeah Yeahs took to the stage. With a giant eyeball suspended behind them, and Karen in a characteristically mental outfit, ‘Dull Life’ kicked off the set with a raucous passion that continued throughout the night. Karen’s natural stage presence ensured all eyes were on her as she danced and pulled shapes beneath the two spotlights with her usual effortless cool, whilst Brian and Nick kept up a faultless performance The set list couldn’t fail to please fans old and new – we had the frenzy of ‘Rockers to Swallow,’ the folk-inspired ‘Turn Into,’ and a delectable rendition of ‘Soft Shock.’

We were also treated to Karen’s numerous costume additions, including a glow-in-the-dark face mask for horror-tinged epic ‘Heads Will Roll,’ whilst ‘Zero’ saw her donning a leather jacket complete with ‘KO’ studded in the back. As the set drew to its inevitable close, they played the last few crowd-pleasers left in the bag; we got down to ‘Y Control,’ were then held by Karen’s voice during ‘Maps’ before the band ended on a floor-shaking version of ‘Date With The Night.’ After 10 years together, it’s clear that the YYY’s have definitely still got it.

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