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18.01.10 17:13
To: president@yusu.org
From: formerchair@alcuincollege.org
Subject: chair

Hey Tim,

look, i know you beat me at york come dancing but i can probs beat you at being president so its fine

Hutchings x


19.01.10 12:56
To: president@yusu.org
From: jcg2@york.ac.uk
Subject: RE:

So… still on for dinner?



20.01.10 17:01
To: president@yusu.org
From: campaigns@yusu.org
Subject: RE: meetings

Hey Tim,

Was wondering… when i get elected to be a sabb, can i still run for positions on committees?



22.01.10 22.46
To: president@yusu.org
From: chair@fusion.co.uk
Subject: RE: Congrats

Hey Tim,

i know you were like president of fusion once or whatever but your dancing sucks, you need to sort it out

See u at rehearsals,
Cesca x


24.01.10 20.10
To: president@yusu.org
From: welfare@yusu.org

not going to sng. don’t want to be seen with those yellow trousers

Ben x


25.01.10 22.42
To: president@yusu.org
From: c.leyland@yusu.org
Subject: RE: Cupid said

speaking of employability week, what the kind of job can i actually do when i can’t do yusu. should probably just go and do something else but quite literally what is there? oh well see you in the jobcentre i guess!

Leylerz xXx


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