Pornography by numbers

72% said they use porn for “physical release.” More interestingly, 38% said they used it for “distraction.” And I always thought they were one and the same.

39 minutes until another new porn film is created in the United States. Far be it from me to judge but isn’t it all wham, bam, thank you, ma’am? Credits.

87% of students have sex over webcams, instant messenger or the phone. Suddenly, Facebook chat seems much more appealing.

70% of Christians admit to struggling with porn in their daily lives. If only they were more in tune with their partners’ “G-od” spot.

12 minutes. The average time spent watching a hotel porn film. That’s faster than room service. Combine the two and you’ve got a great night. Caa-ching!

5’8 in. The average height of a porn star. Apparently, the shorter the man, the longer the little man looks. Thus, i’m informed any 6.5 in. penis will look 8 in. on screen. Ruin the magic, why don’t you?
33% of vistors to porn websites are women. Considering the Nouse team is comprised of mostly women, you would have thought they’d have been more useful when writing this feature.

$2,468.27: the amount of money spent on pornography every second. Cut down to once every three seconds and no more credit crunch. Bet it’s mostly the bankers, too. Bastards.

12% of all websites are porn. No wonder I couldn’t find anything cleaner for this column.

372. The number of people on the internet typing ‘sex’ into search engine right this second. Not very specific (or original), are they?

60% of American Christian women list “lust” as one of their top 3 daily problems. Interestingly, this comes just above celibate marriages and below carpooling.

10% of adults admit an addiction to internet porn. Despite evidence to the contrary, Nouse would like to state that the author of this column is not one of them. I promise.

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  1. Wow. That picture is both hilarious and disturbing.

    Thanks for the stats. Here’s another stat sheet you might find helpful:

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