MUSE: January 26 2010

Image: Matt Niemi

Image: Matt Niemi

There is nothing like surviving a Nouse production week to make one reflective. Instead of embracing normal student activities, I spent my weekend harassing my friends, organising a photo shoot in a strip club, and searching the internet for clean pornography photos. Why do we do it? Because it allows us to channel our frustratingly type A personalities into something worthwhile and, at the end of the day, that’s got to mean something.

Amongst genuine concerns of being presented with an ASBO by my housemates due to anti-social hours and fears of missing a vital call while in the bath, I present to you what has been termed the “sex edition” of MUSE. Dignity (and clothes) were cast aside amongst the worryingly interested employees of The Hub’s lap dancing establishment to bring you the beautiful front cover and BDSM pictures (M12-13). As one voyeur commented: “That’s a bit kinky.” Yes. That was the point.

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