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Last year this newspaper witnessed York Come Dancing’s escapades unfold in a location far too small for the number of attendees present. This year organisers over-estimated the interest in the dancing abilities of an elite group of “campus celebrities”, resulting in a half empty Central Hall. Whilst the promotion of the event was strong, this effort from York Dancesport was not reflected in their ticket sales.

Ultra-vires ruling has made it illegal to fundraise for charities other than the RAG nominees. This has had a great impact on the runnings of York Come Dancing: the primary focus of the event lay on raising cheers in correlation to the popularity of its “famous” contestants rather than specifically on the raising of funds for elected charities. The only reminder of the event’s altruistic purpose was during a silent RAG slideshow, which in itself emphasised the benefits of being involved in RAG as opposed to where the money raised during the evening will actually going to. The total raised for RAG was a formidable £1,298.95, yet the profits made from ticketing sales for the event went directly to Dancesport and the running costs of York Come Dancing, barely selling enough to break even of running costs.

It is true that we generally attend events like York Come Dancing to support our favourite contestant or friend; however, creating any level of success in such occasions seems possible only when under the pretence of supporting the status of “celebrity”. What should be more important is not the number of supporters any given candidate has in the crowd, but rather how generously those people intend to give.

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  1. We designed the event to give maximum money to RAG, so that’s why York Dancesport made a small profit and not a large one. To make a large one, we’d have taken money from RAG.

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