Tessa Webb looks at the new glamorous eye

Seen on the S/S10 catwalks at Vuitton and Prada, make-up artists are proving glitter shouldn’t be shied away from. Tess Webb looks at the new glamorous eye, with a step-by-step guide. Keep it bold, strong and give glitter a chance.

1. Firstly, prep the eye. Apply a concealer to the eyelids, then, using a small brush, sweep a neutral shade (MAC Frost Shadow Nano Gold £11) across the entire lid, working the colour up underneath the eyebrows. To accentuate the brow line, use a highlighter pencil (Benefit’s Mr Frosty £13.50) to draw a thin line just underneath the brow.

2. Using MAC Brush 213 (£13), apply the base colour to the lid. Purple (MAC Trax Eyeshadow £11) provides an alternative to the greys seen on traditional smoky eyes. Applying glitter can seem daunting, but simple Vaseline (99p) can be used as an affixer. After applying the Vaseline to the lid, using a small brush, apply the glitter (MAC Pigment, chocolate brown £14.) For a more intense look, simply add more glitter.

3.To provide a contrast to liquid eyeliner, gems can be used as a surprisingly simple alternative. Firstly, ensure the affixer (a good one is The Make Up Store’s Blend and Fix, £15) is to hand by squeezing some out onto a surface. Using tweezers, lightly pick up the gems then dab the base into the affixer. Starting from the middle\of the lash line, use the tweezers to hold the gem against skin until it sticks.

4.The key to any party eye is the good application of eyeliner and mascara. Using a black eyeliner, or black sparkle eyeliner, (MAC Twilight £12) start in the inner corner of the eye on the lower lash line and draw a line working outerwards. If a winged eye is preferred, work the liner in an upward motion when reaching the outer corner. Mascara (Lancome L’Extreme £19) should be applied twice from the base to the tip of the lashes, using a zigzagging motion.

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