Letting ourselves down

At first glance, it looks like just another minor detriment to the student population of the University of York. Another letting agency has gone down the tubes. However, this one actually affects us. Many will be prey to the confusion induced by such an aggressive break up. Students will be without information on their letting arrangements, unsure of whom, what or how, exactly, they are paying.

However, there is something to be learned from such an occasion. The break up of such an integral company in the student population, surely must now make us more aware of the dangers of renting and letting. The quest for a house is a minefield. First-year students across the University will, despite pleas by YUSU not to, be looking for a house at this very moment, hoping to get ‘that’ perfect one with ‘the’ best deal. But we must be aware of companies that thrive on our naivety. Many times have freshers been lured into extortionate deals earlier on in the year despite the continuous surplus of housing in this city.

Students must take note of this and do thorough research. Without this, situations such as that of YRLA could end up putting them in trouble. Valuable cash from ever more elusive student loans could be saved by just putting in that bit more effort over a bit more time.

Student apathy is arguably at an all time high as more and more students find the effort expended for certain causes, simply not worth it. Students are becoming more economical. However, if there ever was a cause worthy of attention, this is it; we must just take our time.

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