Internationally successful Virtual Learning Environment rejected by University of York

A Goodricke College first-year student has created a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) to rival Yorkshare VLE, which has thus far been denied by the University.

Educis VLE is currently being used by international companies such as British Airways, but has been snubbed by the University as it rivals the current Yorkshare VLE used by students.

Educis founder, Freddy Elletson, has approached the University with a view to discussing ways of improving Yorkshare VLE and allowing Yorkshare and Educis to work side by side, so students can get the most out of virtual learning. However, according to Elletson the University “won’t give [him] the time of day.”

In his attempts to make contact with the University, Elletson has been working with Charlie Leyland, YUSU Academic Affairs Officer.

Leyland, who describes Educis as “an excellent project”, is now trialing the site with this year’s Course Representatives. Elletson said “Charlie thought Educis could be really useful for this years Course Representatives… Charlie uploads all the stuff she organises onto Educis and this is then accessed by the Reps.”

He continued: “Charlie thought about using Yorkshare instead, but found it too difficult.” To use Yorkshare, Leyland would have needed the University tech team to help her set up, something she was able to do on Educis without help. For this reason, according to Leyland, it “made sense” to use Educis instead of Yorkshare, which seemed “too complicated.” Unlike Yorkshare, Educis offers an international learning environment, which transcends individual schools or universities; this allows students worldwide to discuss lecture notes together and create learning groups.

Although Freddy does not see Educis as a competitor to Yorkshare, he describes himself as “frustrated” when lecturers who don’t use Yorkshare. also refuse to use Educis. English literature lecturer, Richard Walsh, has refused to consider using Educis, describing Yorkshare as the “primary source” for English students at York.

Educis was designed to be a learning environment but it is already being used for alternative purposes. The site has also caught the attention of the Sherwood Hotels chain. British Airways is currently trialing Educis for inter-departmental communications, while the Chefs and suppliers of Sherwood Hotels use the site to keep each other updated on food stocks and supplies.

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