First JCRC Chairs revealed

The first results for the JCRC elections 2009 have been announced.

The result for the new Chair of Derwent was announced on Friday night, with the uncontested candidate Holly Burton officially taking up the position. With previous experience as RAG representative for the college, and having helped organise events such as Big D, she hopes to establish a more approachable JCRC. Other issues on her agenda include continuing the fight to prevent the closure of Derwent Bar, as well doing more to enhance college events such as ‘Slag and Drag’ and ‘Rave D’.

The Vanbrugh Chair, which was announced on Saturday, was more hotly contested, with four candidates running for the position. Tahir Shetty was declared the winner, with his policies of greater college integration, better funding and organisation of college sport proving most popular. His election has caused some controversy as he has no previous experience on the JCRC, though one Vanbrugh student said “he seemed like the most openly committed to being Chair” and his Presidency of Politics society demonstrates some experience of leadership.

The final college Chair to be announced last week was that of Langwith, with 2009 Bar Representative Conor Wilcock winning the position. Though he ran unopposed, he was still proved a popular choice, particularly in his aim to “fight for the provision of an adequate and awesome social space for Langwith on Hes. East”.

Wilcock also intends to make improvements to, and “extensively promote”, the Langwith Lounge, notable for its alcohol-free status, now that he’s been elected.
In the Langwith JCRC elections, Jason Rose, David Clarke, Rosie Emery and Damien Storey, who were running collectively for Entertainment Representatives, were ‘R.O.N-ned’. This is a relatively rare occurance in which more people voted to re-open nominations (RON), than for the candidates themselves. A by-election for the position will take place on the third week of next term.

The results of the Goodricke JCRC Chair election will not be announced until Thursday. It is the most contentious of all the college JCRC Chair elections, with four candidates running for the position.

Alex Chadwick has placed particular emphasis on representing student views on the JCRC and improving transport links with Hes West so that students are able to attend social events and lectures with ease, something that he says will lead to Goodricke having a better “connection with the main campus”.

Danny Munroe is the only first-year running for the position, his main campaign focus being on improving welfare within the college, something that he argues his qualifications in counselling make him experienced in dealing with.

In contrast, Tim Ellis, last year’s college bar rep, said that as Chair he would introduce a college mascot, George the Goodricke Lion, who would “represent us at events, on main campus and events and make sure the rest of York knows Goodricke is the place to be.”

The final and only female candidate is Sophie Walker, who also held the position of bar rep last year. Her election promises include the creation of a summer event for Goodricke and ensuring that “strong links with the main campus are maintained to keep the JCRC from fragmenting”.

The Halifax JCRC Chair elections are to be fought between Lydia Blundell and Chris Edwards. Blundell was Common Room Officer last year and one of her top policies is to create more working space around Halifax due to its distance from the library.

Edwards, on the other hand, has focused his campaign more on extending Costcutter opening hours. He stated that: “Although I lack experience, my love and passion for Halifax is ever present.”

Though the election results for Alcuin and James have not yet been announced, the positions are running uncontested.

Ollie Todd, the candidate for Alcuin Chair, has previous experience as an ordinary officer on the JCRC last year and was a key figure in the ‘Save B Henrys Campaign’. His plans for the future, should he become the new Chair, includes getting all Alcuin students involved with online opinion polls and run weekly meetings where students can voice their concerns.

Tim Green, who is running for James JCRC Chair, stated that his main aim, should he be elected, is “getting people more involved in the college. That means more people playing sport and better events that people are excited about going to”.

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