Ngwena: York ‘full of geeks’

Tim Ngwena, University of York Student’s Union President, has been misquoted in the Sunday Times University Guide, saying the worst feature of York is “too many geeks!”

In Ngwena’s brief overview of the University he is asked for his opinion on its worst feature of the campus. Ngwena reportedly answered “There are too many geeks!”

According to Ngwena this is completely untrue. He claims that his quote was “there are too many geese” and the interviewer misheard what he had said over the phone.

Zoe Thomas, of the Sunday Times, sent Ngwena an apology letter, acknowledging that the quote had been misheard and offering to update it in the Irish version of the paper, released a week later.

The quote is also updated on the Times website.

Defending her mistake Thomas wrote; “I thought you said ‘too many geeks’, perhaps referring to a proliferation of technologically talented students at York.”
Thomas specifically thanked Ngwena for his “good sense of humour about this unusual slip-up.”

Thomas praised Ngwena, stating that “your unflappability will surely stand you in good stead for the remainder of your tenure as Student’s Union President, and beyond.”

In a statememt released on the YUSU website Ngwena urged students to “inform those who are blissfully unaware of the wildfowl situation on campus, not to be put off by the quote.”

Ngwena is also quoted in the article talking about the first impression most students will get of York. He believes that the University is a welcoming place, stating “neither York nor the University are as intimidating as you might expect.”

He also suggests that the ‘deal clincher’ for students considering York is that “there’s a vast choice of activities and everyone gets involved.”

Finally the article highlights the new Heslington East campus, which includes the new Goodricke college and several university departments, with Ngwena succinctly stating “Heslington East is new, and the Students Union is expanding.”

Ngwena has assured students that he has no prejudice against technologically gifted students, commenting that he should start wearing an “I love geeks” t-shirt to show his support for the “proliferation of technologically talented students at York.”

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