Artist: Melt!
Date: 10th October
Venue: Fibbers
Rating: ***

The Melt electro night has been around since the beginning of last term, yet it seems to be steadily growing in stature and blending into the environment of York’s small underground electronic music scene.

The standard of DJ’ing was higher than some of the other electro nights put on by campus groups and there was a welcome mixture of genres, with minimal through to drum and bass getting a look in.

The venue, Fibbers, is as good as any in York and boasts a fine sound system – despite the temperature rising to a few degrees south of boiling at some points in the evening.

Unfortunately, this Saturday’s event was only moderately busy and the crowd died down significantly at the end of the night.

However, this can be attributed to the fact that most of their normal crowd has yet to arrive at York university or those in York being still busy with exams.
Provided you can stomach the slightly preposterous sight of pony-club girls in large amounts of neon, Melt offers a genuinely fun night with well executed DJ’ing in a decent venue.

The aforementioned may not sound especially prepossessing, but for York that’s like finding Deadmau5 play for a fiver in Fabric.

Nevertheless, comparisons between what many would perceive to be similar nights (Idioteque, Beatcake, etc.) must be forged, and you feel that whereas other events have successfully managed to find their audience (albeit through rampant flyering), Melt is suffering, despite offering something that could potentially be better than its peers.

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