University to enlarge campus car parks

The University has won its bid to enlarge car parking space on campus after questions had arisen about how an increase in car parking would impact the landscape.

It was feared by landscape architects that the scheme would overwhelm the Heslington West campus and that a number of trees would have be cut down for the inclusion of the car parks.

Work will now begin to enlarge the southern car park to provide space for 347 vehicles.

Adjustments will also be made to one of the site’s main access roads.

The changes will allow an extra 122 more drivers to park on campus. The University has said that the extension is vital in allowing unauthorised parking to be properly assessed.

The council, however, has told the University that it must keep the number of campus parking spaces to 1,520. This will be managed by plans to decommission other parking spaces on campus.

The project’s agents, O’Neill Associates, said: “The proposals are part of the University’s overall commitment to mitigating the effects of traffic by introducing measures to concentrate parking within the peripheral car parks at the Heslington West and Heslington East campuses, providing more efficient management of parking activities and establishing a mechanism which will encourage less reliance on the private car and greater use of sustainable transport modes.”

The University now plans to widen part of Goodricke Way by installing: two rising barriers, two ticket machines and card readers, a traffic island, a pay station, CCTV coverage and a storage facility for materials. 73 new trees will also be planted.


  1. No way! Bigger car parks man! This is so totally going to destroy the earth and all her beauty!

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  2. 17 Sep ’09 at 7:29 pm

    Ex-Nouseite who can't escape

    Two rising barriers? Does that mean that people won’t be able to get up Goodricke Way to drop stuff off without a permit now?

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  3. 1 The university wants to increase the number of parking spaces to the limit set by the council.

    2 The university wants to install gates etc. to manage who uses the spaces and for how long.

    How have O’Neill come to the conclusion that this will “encourage less reliance on the private car and greater use of sustainable transport modes”. Putting up some new bike racks/sheds doesn’t require making/redistributing parking spaces.

    I’m fine with the university making any necessary improvements, but noone should claim it’s to reduce pollution and depletion of fossils fuels.

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  4. Superb! This is no doubt due to the penetrating campaigning efforts of a certain Jason Rose… ROFL.

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