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YUSU President Tim Ngwena is the public face of the Union. He represents the Union not only to it’s members but also to the University and to the public in general. As the representative of the student body Tim sits on the major decision making bodies throughout the University. Tim was the former head of the fashion and dance charity event Fusion and was a member of Goodricke College.


Democracy and Services Officer Lewis Bretts is responsible for the commercial side of the Union, as well as ensuring that it stays representative of the student body. Lewis is also the union treasurer. Commercially Lewis is responsible for Your:Shop, Your:Print, The Courtyard, Freshers’ Week and most major YUSU events. Lewis spent a year studying in America and was a member of Derwent College.


Academic Affairs Officer Charlie Leyland is responsible for improving the academic experience of all students. Charlie sits on the highest University Committees and works with course reps to ensure that students are represented at every level in the University. Charlie held the position of Academic and Welfare Officer in last year’s union and was a member of Derwent College.

Sports President Emily Scott is in charge of the running of all sports at the University. Emily is responsible for anything involving sport at York, including the setting up of new sports clubs and the York Sports Show. Emily has been President of the Female Hockey Team, Captain and Treasurer of the Women’s Cricket Club and a member of the York Skiing Team. Emily was a member of Halifax College.


As Welfare Officer Ben is responsible for campaigning and raising awareness on issues affecting student life. He chairs the YUSU Equality, Welfare and Diversity Committee and represents student well-being on University and local committees. Ben was formerly the YUSU LGBT Officer and was a member of Halifax College.


Student Activities Officer Rhianna Kinchin is responsible for student societies. She is also responsible for the YUSU Fairs in the autumn and spring terms. As well as working with societies, Rhianna is responsible for working with students wanting to set up a new society. Rhianna is also the sabbatical officer responsible for both the RAG and Student Action sections of the Union. Rhianna was formerly the YUSU Training Officer and was a member of Alcuin College.

Photos: Sam Newsome (Ben Humphrys), George Lowther (everyone else)


  1. 2 Sep ’09 at 11:55 pm

    Sami-Rose Sterjon

    Is Rhianna not also in charge of RAG and Student Action in the same way as societies? Also what happened to the LGBT Officers and Environment Officers?

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  2. “what happened to the LGBT Officers and Environment Officers?”

    Tim, Charlie, Ben, Lewis, Emily and Rhianna are YUSU’s full-time sabbatical officers, the remaining positions are all part-time non-sabbatical.

    On the top of my head, the list is as follows:

    LGBT officers: Peter Warner-Medley, Elanin Vince
    Environment and Ethics officers: David Clark, Jade Flahive-Gilbert
    Campaigns officers: Jason Rose, Chris Etheridge
    Women’s Committee: Ellie Kuper Thomas, Amal Ali
    Union council chair: David Levene
    Racial Equality: Abrafi Kusi, Sam Asfahani

    My apologies if I am forgetting someone.

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  3. 3 Sep ’09 at 4:03 pm

    Fan of Claire

    disability officer- claire cornock- [email protected]

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  4. There’s a partial list on the YUSU site of the non-sabbs, but it’s missing Racial Equality and YUM Chair I think:

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  5. Ben’s name is spelled Humphrys and he was formerly LGBT Officer.

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  6. Thanks, fixed now.

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  7. The name, yes – but not his previous role, in contrast to other officers’. Any reason?

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  8. > Any reason?

    Yeah sorry I’m not really in a position to edit the content of articles, except for typos, but Jim has been forwarded and will edit when he can. The corrections are much appreciated!

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  9. No, there was no reason. Again, I apologise. It was genuine oversight.
    As it is holiday time and I am not always in front of a computer it sometimes takes a little longer before mistakes can be rectified.

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  10. 6 Sep ’09 at 4:32 pm

    David Levene

    Chris – Just as a point of interest, YUM Chair isn’t actually an Officer, in the same way as the 21+, ISA, and GSA reps aren’t Officers (even though they sit on Council). In fact, as Chair of Union Council I’m not actually an Officer either, but it does make sense to include my contact details on that list. Not sure why Racial Equality isn’t on there – I suspect it’s because they were elected in a byelection and/or the website’s still under construction.

    Anyone still awake? :D

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  11. You missed the entertainment officers george

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