Close results revealed in YUSU elections

Anna Bucks, Deniz Ekren & Abrafi Kusi and Sam Asfahani were victorious in three of the most closely contested elections this year.

The results of this weeks Summer Term YUSU elections reveal twenty-three new officers elected to seventeen positions, including the Union Council, York Sport Committee and Racial Equality Committee.

The closest race, and that with the highest turnout, in this term’s elections was that of Racial Equality Officer. Deniz Ekren & Abrafi Kusi emerged victorious despite strong competition from Riku Heikkila & Harin Karunakaran. The race was not won until the fourth stage of the transferable vote, when Ekren & Kusi were able to beat the quota set. Ekren & Kusi will sit on Union Council.

The other officer to take a seat on Union Council will be Anna Bucks, who was elected as Chair of the York University Media Committee today. Bucks beat candidate Mike Regan by a comfortable margin and will represent the YUM Committee on Council, a position reintroduced by YUSU Societies and Communications Officer Rory Shanks this year. Third candidate Richard Mitchell withdrew earlier in the week.

The closest of the York Sport Committee elections was that of Development Officer, with only ten votes separating candidates Sam Asfahani and Dane Moore. Langwith Chair Asfahani was victorious and will take the seat on the York Sport Committee, one of seven officers elected to the committee this term.

The following positions were also filled:

Within York Sport Committee:
College Referees Officer: Kate Copson
College Sport Officer: Paul Guest
Communications Officer: Lewis Colam
Fundraising Officer: Matt Thomas
Tournament Secretary: Isobelle Miller, Rory McGregor
Treasurer: Rosamund Wood

Within Racial Equality Committee:
Secretary: Tulsi Patel
Press & Publicity: Krista Carnegie
Ordinary Member: Man Hei (Patrick) Kwok, Sally Ngo

Within Women’s Committee:
Black Women’s Rep: Mandi Madavo
Ordinary Member: Amy Arabella Benziane

Within Entertainments Committee:
Ent’s Assistant: Ollie Todd, Tara Jessop

Within Environment & Ethics Committee:
Ordinary Member: Claire Nattrass

Within Campaigns Committee:
Ordinary Member: Alice Longhurst

Within Rules & Revisions Committee:
Ordinary Member: Jonathon Carr, Scott Murphy


  1. I never realised that Nouse was now YUSU’s official means of announcing election results? How come they weren’t emailed out to candidates as planned? *cough* monopoly *cough*.

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  2. Or even put on YUSU’s own website for that matter.

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  3. The rumour I heard was that Burton wanted to get an early finish from work so got Nouse to do his donkey work for him

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  4. Why doesn’t Burton just jump into bed with Foy? *Democracy* and Services my arse.

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  5. Cries of monopoly aren’t really justified. I’m sure it would have been given to Vision for release also if they had a website.

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  6. Good job Burton isn’t Democracy and Services then isn’t it!

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  7. 29 May ’09 at 6:31 pm

    Constitutional Hack

    Schedules to the constitution of the University of York Students’ Union:

    6.11.1. Results of the elections shall be declared by the Returning Officer when the count for each post has been completed.

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  8. Well done to all the candidates i have no doubt they will all perform very well.
    I agree with the above however: how can Nouse claim to retain any independence when they are now yusu’s’official communication body? Yusu fail.

    Perhaps our new yum chair will be able to rectify this situation?

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  9. Constitutional Hack, it doesn’t say via what channel these results must be announced. Technical point but still. Not specifically agreeing with what Burton did but it doesn’t give Nouse a monopoly and it definitely doesn’t impinge on their independence.

    It could also be argued that Nouse is checked more regularly and more widely than the yusu website therefore making it more ideal for the release of these results.

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  10. anon (#5) – Vision do have a website, it’s just not the most stable or easy on the eye.

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  11. 29 May ’09 at 6:46 pm

    Something Good 2009

    Vision does have a website! Which is why this is a bit of a joke really. It should be announced to candidates, then on the official site as a matter of common decency and good practice. This is odd that Nouse were just given this to announce and report on. Plus, isn’t Anna Bucks in with Nouse big time anyway? Bit of a fail from YUSU here.

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  12. Vision’s website just asked me for a username and password. Anyone know what it is?

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  13. 29 May ’09 at 7:00 pm

    Unsucessful candidate

    Yusu are realising the results – nouse’s hacks just got hold of the info and bashed out an article quickly – surely good journalism, no?
    The bbc always break government press releases before they appear on .gov websites.
    It’s not like it changes the results, anyway!

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  14. What happened to the rumour that Nouse had sent an email to contributors telling them to vote for Bucks and Shergold?

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  15. 5 hour punishment for Bucks, 7 hour punishment for Bushby (~30% difference) – good to see that precedents were taken into account and that Nouse reported the breach as eagerly this time ;-)

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  16. What’s your point? That Nouse didn’t cover by-elections as thoroughly as the elections for YUSU President?

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  17. blah blah blah, why all the whining about about where the results were released first?

    Well done to all those who took part and especially those elected.

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  18. Yes Unsucessful candidate, as A-non says, good bedroom journalism!

    Good work Nouse for sleazing this – YUSU fail for being sleazed.

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  19. 1 Jun ’09 at 2:10 pm

    Jasper Stone Ore

    “how can Nouse claim to retain any independence when they are now yusu’s’official communication body? Yusu fail.”


    ~ JATO Peer Sensor

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