Socialist Labour Party

The Socialist Labour Party was launched in 1996 after they splintered from the Blair’s New Labour. They consist of trade unionists and campaign activists.

They are committed to complete withdrawal from the European Union. They believe that the EU is a capitalist club that allows multi-national corporations to exploit workers and that the public is at the mercy of a vast, faceless bureaucracy.

They believe the Social Chapter has removed the rights and benefits of people.

They think that European legislation such as taxation policies do not represent the economic interests of the British people.

They oppose joining the Euro and aim to regain independence from what they feel is a capitalist European super state. They are committed to the campaign for true internationalism to ensure that we have strong trading links with the rest of the world.

They want Britain to expand links with the rest of the world including countries such as Cuba that have suffered over 45 years of economic blockade from the US.


William Kenneth Capstick
Linda Venice Sheridan
Stephen Edward Yoxall