English Democrats

The English Democrats Party (EDP) is founded on the concept of improving the interests of English people everywhere. Their policies for the European Union are as follows:

They disagree with a political entity which undermines the independence and sovereignty of European states. They believe the states of the EU cannot be run along the same economic or social lines due to the difference in circumstances. They fundamentally disagree with legislation that applies across all EU institutions.

They believe the EU has become top-heavy and weighed down with bureaucracy and, because of this, are ineffective.

They reject the principle of a European currency because it undermines economic and political independence. The EDP thinks that the current Euro is impracticable and damaging.

They advocate withdrawing from the EU and rejoining the European Free Trade Association.


Michael Williams Cassidy
Current MEP from Hull.

Joanne Robinson
Ran as a UKIP Parliamentary candidate in 2001 and stood for the English Democrats in 2007 in the local elections in Tranby Ward.

Peter Davis
Former teacher