British National Party

The British National Party is fielding 6 candidates for Yorkshire and Humber, headed up by anti-European Unionist Andrew Brons. A party built around anti-immigration ideology, the British National Party is campaigning on a range of anti-EU policies. If elected, they promise to campaign for Britain to withdraw from the union, ‘expose EU corruption’, and to ensure Britain remains on the pound. The party remains fiercely anti-immigration, with their website stating that “we call for an immediate halt to all further immigration”. They also seek to opt out of the migration laws that allow British citizens to work in Europe without a permit, hoping to reduce immigration into the country. Believing Eastern European migrants especially to be a drain on the economy, the BNP are opposed to the expansion of the union to include Turkey. Appreciating the difficulty of withdrawing the country from the EU completely, the BNP promise instead to withdraw from expensive EU commitments, such as the common agricultural and fisheries policies. They also want to stop payments of the £9bn that the UK pays to remain a member state every year.