The Conservative party, in their infinite wisdom has decided that the best way of portraying their message to the public is to publish a 28 page manifesto. Below are their most important policies.

Economics – They intend to enhance the European single market by reducing protectionism and harmonizing taxes across the EU. They want to decrease legislation and introduce measures to help small businesses. They intend to enhance co-operation in the EU while retaining national authority and bring control of social and employment laws back to the British government. They want to realize the achievement of a transatlantic market by 2015.

Climate Change – They want to move towards a low carbon economy, strike a global deal for cutting carbon emissions and create legislation that allows pollution control to be implemented evenly across the EU. They intend to overhaul the Common Fisheries Policy and reform the CAP.

Trade – The Tories want to continue to support developing countries through the Millenniums Development Goals, reform EU aid and ensure that the EU promotes good governance and democracy throughout the world. They intend to maintain UK independence on foreign affairs and restart the commitment to NATO.

Transparency – They will resist the extension of EU power over the criminal justice system, hold a referendum on the renamed EU Constitution, and address trust issues between the public and their elected representatives. They will work for a cap on the EU budget and hope to scrap meetings in Strasbourg to reduce costs. They will also encourage other parties to sign up to their ‘right to know’ regime on expenses.


Edward McMillan-Scott
Edward McMillan-Scott was the Conservative spokesman on Foreign Affairs and Security for many years in the European Parliament. He also served as Economics and Transport spokesman.

Timothy Kirkhope
Timothy Kirkhope became an MEP in 1999 and was the Leader of the Tory MEPs from 2004-2007. He was re-elected leader in 2008.

Fleur Josephine Butler
Fleur Josephine Butler is a councillor in Richmondshire with responsibility for Economic Development and for Social Housing.