Christian Party – CPA

The Christian People’s Alliance (CPA) and the Christian Party “Proclaiming Christ’s Lordship” are the two largest specifically Christian parties in the UK. They have joined forces on numerous occasions for the purposes of elections, running as a non-denominational Christian party, often called “Christian Choice”.

In a joint statement of purpose they said “The primary purpose of the Christian Party is to proclaim the Lordship of Christ. The party also exists to empower those who confess “Jesus Christ as Lord!” to serve him in the political sphere.”

Alan Craig, the leader of the Christian People’s Alliance, previously ran for Mayor of London, coming sixth ahead of UKIP. The party campaign for an end to secularism, a return to Christian values, ending social divide, transparency and accountability within the EU, an immediate referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, and seeking to help the environment by moving away from a carbon based economy.

The party do not currently have any MEPs, although the CPA has a number of Councillors in London Boroughs, and Alan Craig was brought into the public eye after receiving death threats by an Islamic group for opposing plans to build a 12,000 strong Mosque in the centre of London.


Sid Cordle
Sid Cordle was awarded an MBE for services to politics. A former Treasurer of the Christian Peoples Alliance, he stood as a CPA Parliamentary candidate in Sheffield Hallam in the 2005 election.

No info on other candidates.