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Whilst I doubt that this blog has raised any great political awareness, I know that a lot of you had a very keen sense of the injustice taking place in Israel/Palestine already. This is something which i obviously endeavor to encourage, and I thought I’d share some websites for anyone interested.

These websites were recommended to me by Angela Godfrey-Goldstein from the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions. She is a veritable fountain of knowledge on Israel/Palestine situation, something she has dedicated her life to, and I know that she would be grateful that I have shared these sources of information with you.

So, Angela recommends:

– Angela also particularly pointed out the articles and speeches section of the website, which contains some brilliant information and informed writing

www.ir-amim.org.il – particularly good for information about Jerusalem and the Jerusalem divide

www.ochaopt.org – the UN Occupied Palestinian Territories website. The maps on this website are undoubtedly the best available

www.arij.org – the website of the Applied research Institute. The ‘Eye on Palestine‘ section gives updates on new physical developments – e.g. new settlements being built, new checkpoints installed, new sections of wall being built etc

www.btselem.org – a human rights based information centre with regular updates, similar to Eye on Palestine but with a human rights basis

www.fmep.org – the foundation for Middle East Peace. The maps on this website are also particularly good

http://www.nad-plo.org/ – the Negotiations Affairs Department of the PLO.Great for information and quotes, as well as a database of Frequently Requested Documents

www.icahd.org – the website of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions. Home of physical information and updates, maps and project information. Particularly useful with relation to house demolitions

A large number of those are .il Israeli websites. Please note that they are not all “leftist extremists” with “warped viewpoints”, most of them are Israeli citizens who disagree with the occupation and its methods.

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