The Nouse custom plugins

Just a short blog post this time.

Before, I’ve promised to release some of the custom plugins we use here at Nouse, and I’ve now gone and got the plugins listed on WordPress’s Extend directory for people to get.

We have 7 custom plugins and 13 standard plugins, and now 5 of those plugins will be available for you to use on your own blog if you want to. The other 2 custom plugins are very unlikely to see the light of the day, but are probably uninteresting (not that all the ones that are being released are interesting). They’re a ‘Media Charter Compliance’ plugin that sends YUSU an e-mail whenever a new news, sport or comment article is posted, and the second is our YSTV integration plugin.

However, the other 5 are available now from

Our plugin to have images attached to articles and dynamically resize them on the backend.
A plugin that exports RSS feeds in a JSON form.
The Popular This Week widget.
A plugin that lets you have images associated with tags.
Our live blogging plugin. I made a screencast to demonstrate how to use this too.

So, short and sweet, but this is the giving back to the open-source community I talked about back in my first blog post.


  1. Speaking of open source, the base of the fantasy football site has been available up to now, but wasn’t in any kind of source control management, so I’ve put it on github now for anyone interested:

    Still no docs yet, but I’ll try and write something up soon.

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  2. *Begins scanning Fantasy Football source for a way to hack his way to victory*

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  3. 19 May ’09 at 5:35 am

    Pablo DiCiacco

    Chris Northwood,

    Hello, Thank you for making your plug-ins available. I have a question for you about Live-Blogging. Do you think I would be able to run Meteor on andLinux ?

    Thanks for your time.

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  4. I’m not completely familiar with it, but it seems so – as long as you can run Perl applications and accept incoming connections, yes. The best place to get Meteor support is on Meteor’s discussion group at however.

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