Katie Price: An Icon?

Shocking news! No, I’m not talking about the latest addition to the saga of MPs’ extravagant expenses claims. Nope, I’m shocked to discover that Katie Price and Peter Andre have separated

Shocking news! No, I’m not talking about the latest addition to the saga of MPs’ extravagant expenses claims. Nor am I concerned with Silvio Berlusconi and his latest bizarre antics. I’m not even referring to the ridiculous fact that Lorraine is still in The Apprentice (shouldn’t she have been fired ages ago? I can’t be the only one who finds her intensely annoying and patronising, surely?). Nope, I’m shocked to discover that Katie Price and Peter Andre have separated.

I have to admit to being a rather harsh critic of Katie Price/Jordan. She does, to be quite frank, rather creep me out. To think that she’s a role model to many young girls in this country when she began her “career” as a glamour model is quite depressing. She is, essentially, famous for getting drunk, wearing hardly any clothes and generally doing nothing to be proud of. I read a feature on her in The Times Magazine over the Easter holidays and came away really quite confused as to what the writer was trying to say. Is she really a feminist icon for our times? Can anyone really say that she has virtues that we should praise? Yes, she has incredible business acumen. Good for her. And I mean that – for someone to have come from almost nowhere to build up a reported £30 million takes guts and skill. But has she really chosen the right areas to channel her ambitions? Maybe financially, but not morally. I struggle with the concept that someone with little education and a questionable sense of self-worth should be heralded as an icon. Her frequent boob jobs and brazen talk of sex and porn hardly promotes the integrity of women and has paved the way for the Nuts generation to objectify girls in a way far-removed from actual reality. Fantastic.

But this doesn’t merit gleeful smirking when hearing of her separation. In fact, I feel quite downcast. They seemed made for each other – from “I’m A Celebrity: Get Me Out Of Here” to the pink themed wedding to the numerous TV shows, it seemed to be a match made in heaven (both for them and for the tabloids too). Four and a half years is quite a stretch in the celebrity age of five minute flings and subsequent scandals. Perhaps this was the thing about her that could really be praised? A seemingly strong marriage is certainly something that many aspire to. If Jordan and Peter can’t have their kitsch and fake-tanned fairytale, who can?

It’s the children I feel sorry for. Anyone with the name Princess Tiaamii has suffered already suffered enough misfortune in life to have to go through her parents divorcing. Even if she has apparently got over 100 pairs of shoes (and she’s two years old! Children’s feet grow! Her shoe retailer must be laughing themselves out of the recession).

But it could all be a massive publicity stunt. It has been mooted (read Heat and weep, broadsheet lovers), and in which case perhaps she deserves praise for getting yet more media attention. And she will have also succeeding in making all the commentators feel extremely stupid, me included. And I’m certain that the aspiration of many people is to make the media look stupid. She might prove to be an unlikely icon yet.

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  1. I think the poll at the bottom of the Heat article you linked to is fantastic:

    “Is Katie & Peter’s split a stunt?

    1) Yes! It’s as fake as her tits!
    2) No, there’s no Next Chapter for these two”

    To think I’ve been missing out on Heat for all these years… :-P

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