Two Tongues

Artist: Two Tongues
Album: Two Tongues
Rating: ***

A more fitting opening to this eponymous debut would in fact be the album’s ‘Interlude’, in which a female vocalist tells of the chance meeting of two guys who bond late on a Saturday night over ‘movies made about outer space’. These two friends turn out to be the vocalists of Two Tongues – Chris Conley of second-wave emo titans Saves The Day and Max Bemis of more recent pop-punk upstarts Say Anything. The album combines Bemis’ cocksure, style with Conley’s effeminate, but no less weaker vocals in a brilliant contrast, knocking back and forth perfectly on album standout ‘If I Could Make You Do Things’.

On opening track ‘Crawl’ a lightly picked guitar line lulls the listener into a false sense of security before a wall of noise topped by both vocalists urging the listener to ‘Wait’ hits, a demand easily carried out. Guitars that sway from summery, Saves The Day-style chord progressions to harder, riffs reminiscent of early Taking Backing Sunday, the album blends together nicely. The band also assertively tackle the 6/8 ballad on ‘Don’t You Want To Come Home’, and delve into the realms of funk-driven basslines and swirling synths on ‘Back Against The Wall’, making a chorus as simple as ‘Alright, come on’ instantly memorable with a brilliant sense of vocal melody. As Bemis opens ‘Tremors’ it’s easy to forgive his modesty as in fact the clarity and delivery of the vocals are what really stand out on ‘Two Tongues’. Whilst it’s nothing groundbreaking, the album nevertheless merges the styles of the two legends well and starts the summer on an early high.

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