Star Trek

Film: Star Trek
Director: J.J. Abrams
Starring: Chris Pine, Eric Bana, Leonard Nimoy
Rating: ***

Pity, for a moment, the plight of Screenwriters Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, charged with the mammoth task of rebooting Star Trek – which saw Enterprise cancelled early four years ago – for their buddy J.J. Abrams to direct. Not only were they chosen to rehash one of the most central franchises in U.S pop culture, the impact of which is marked by catchphrases sneaking into language like Shakespeare’s prose, but they were also bound for criticism from anyone who dares name themselves a “Trekkie”.

Or maybe don’t pity them – they’ll get a huge cheque for one of the biggest blockbusters of the year; who’d have thought that Star Trek would be able to get away with being THE fast-paced, sexy action-adventure of the summer, a film where genuine emotional intensity (warning: body count is in the billions) is counterbalanced by its one moment subtle, one moment 12A-friendly comedy?

Certainly they’ve got J.J. to thank, the maverick producer-director who has found a unique aesthetic for the film and who, for the first time, knows how to have fun. Then there’s having Leonard Nimoy on board, taken seriously rather than being given a throwaway cameo, and satisfying at least a portion of the pre-existing fan base – a necessary tactic given this outrageously simple plot when compared to Abrams’ Lost. But the biggest shout out must go to casting: lesser-known actors glamorise Kirk and Spock, and the course is reliably held by Eric Bana as Head Evil Romulan, and Bruce Greenwood as Captain Pike. Most importantly, for those who didn’t know, Simon Pegg is Scotty!

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