Pulled Apart By Horses

Artist: Pulled Apart By Horses
Date: 22nd May
Venue: Joseph’s Well
Rating: ****

Pulled Apart By Horses are the most insane, life-affirming band to come out of England, let alone Leeds, for a long while. It’s 6.00pm at the Live at Leeds mini festival and, after one too many bland indie bands, this riff-thrashing, fist-pumping, juggernaut of a band comes storming through the monotony, religiously cleansing a psyched crowd with tales of lion fighting and machismo.

Playing today without bassist Rob, the expectation is that the band may not be firing on all cylinders, especially as they’ve just got back from the weed haze of Amsterdam. But once first ditty ‘The Crapsons’ kicks in the room evolves into a washing machine of human bodies; aged punks colliding with tiny afro kids, whooping fangirls headbutting faye indie types.

The band’s cartoon riffola and Karate-Kid-on-crack vocals translate perfectly to the live environment, like ‘The Touch’-era Stan Bush if he was a Leeds based punk band. Signature tune ‘High Five, Swan Dive, Nose Dive’ gets everyone high fiving each other like it’s church, and that super-happy atmosphere is capitalised on with the pogo-inspiring radness of first single ‘Meat Balloon’.

Shouter and guitarer Tom Hudson leaps into the crowd and performs half the set topless amongst his fanbase, it’s a rock ‘n roll house party, everyone shouting at the mic, slapping his ass, dancing the watusi. Finishing the set on a euphoric ‘I Punched A Lion In The Throat’, the crowd’s faith in music is restored, their sweat glands worked out, their minds boggled, and it’s only fucking teatime. Bring on the LP.

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