Priorities all wrong

If York is to maintain its position amongst the most successful some of its departments need to re-evaluate their priorities

On May 30th, Pro-Vice Chancellor for Students Jane Grenville met with some of York’s most successful Alumni to discuss the future of the University and its students. “I have utter faith in York students,” she said, in reference to our ability to cope with the current economic climate and recession. And then we hear that the Economics department have been posting the answers to exam questions on the internet and directing their students to them prior to the examinations. And yes, firsts were achieved in droves, but at what cost? At a time when students need to be more equipped than ever to face the increasing difficulties of finding employment post-university, it’s poor show that a department would care more about its reputation than the teaching quality it provides. York has recently become one of the best universities in the country for research, but what does that matter if its academics cannot teach? If York truly wants to maintain its position amongst the most successful and prestigious institutions, some of its departments need to re-evaluate their priorities to put the welfare of students first: a high-scoring degree is worth nothing without the necessary knowledge that should accompany it. If not, Grenville’s successor might have some difficulty hosting a similar event for finding York’s future Alumni somewhat farther down the ladder of success.


  1. “In drones”? “In droves” more like.

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  2. Bah, damn typos being real words and not getting red squiggly lines under them. Thanks for pointing it out, it’s been fixed.

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  3. another error – ‘some of its departments need re-evaluate ‘ should include ‘to’ between ‘need’ and ‘re-evaluate’

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