Pigeon health and safety risk in Vanbrugh

Last week residents of Vanbrugh College were forced to raise the issue of health and safety with University officials following numerous incidents involving pigeons gaining entry into student bedrooms.

Charlie Thullier was disgusted to find his room had become the home of pigeons over the duration of the Easter holidays, and that he was left to clear up the mess without the college’s assistance. He said, “I came back to find that my bedding, my entire floor and all of my belongings were covered in pigeon mess and feathers. I was told that the cleaners were not prepared to clear it up and I was advised by the Vanbrugh porter to call in pest control.”

Pest control failed to completely remove the pigeons, and Thuillier, aided by his housemates, was forced to remove the nesting pigeon himself only to discover that the bird had also laid two eggs.

He added, “I am impressed by the University’s response, but I was disgusted to find that pest control had managed to miss the pigeon that was nesting under my bed.”

Charlie Leyland, YUSU’s Academic and Welfare Officer, said: “As happy as I am that our visually acute flying friends found a cosy nest, my sympathies lie with the students having to deal with them in their personal space.”

The incident called into question the hygiene of the bedrooms following each incident because the birds, which are renowned for the number of diseases that they carry, left behind them a mess of faeces and feathers.

It is believed that the birds have entered five student bedrooms, gaining access via open windows.

Vanbrugh’s College’s porter have commented that “residents should shut their windows.”

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  1. So I’m not the only one. I’m over in Alcuin. I opened my window the morning, went down to breakfast, came back up again, and two pigeons were flying around like crazy, shitting on the floor.

    I’m going to need to visit that archaic medieval weapons store in town…

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