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Laura Hulley Tiga – ‘Shoes’: Deliciously simple, and yet completely insane. There’s little musical ingenuity going on here, just an over-an-over synth riff laced with splashes of repetitive lyrics which are, unsurprisingly, all about shoes. And nails. And hair. Looking at the individual parts, it just shouldn’t work, it’s far too easy – but as a whole, it’s a new genre of fabulous crazy pop.

Isaac Hewlings Walter Meego – ‘Girls’: This is probably the best that synth pop can offer, a brilliant blend of kazoo sounding treble and bombastic, 80’s funk bass line. It strays near the edge of ridiculous, but keeps itself just inside of too much. My friend’s observation – ‘so these guys are basically a straight Pet Shop Boys?’ seems pretty much perfect, with the subject matter being the heterosexual distraction of the entrancing nature of ladyfolk.

Tom Killingbeck The Horrors – ‘Who Can Say’: ‘Yes, the Horrors are faye London toff yellers who probably live in mansions and play goth croquet with mummy through the winter . But harken, as these spindly post-punks who the scene kids dug in 2006 have returned with a single of gigantic proportions. Marvel at its krautrock groove; overcome your shame and believe the hype. They’re for real.

Estella Adeyeri Dizzee Rascal – ‘Bonkers’: The grime king collaborates with house music veteran Armand Van Helden to produce ‘Bonkers’, an outrageously infectious single that’s bound to be just about everywhere this summer. Hot off a tour supporting the Prodigy, Dizzee spouts playful rhymes in his distinctive East London timbre, though perhaps it lacks the wit and depth of previous singles. A surefire dance floor filler.

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