Inaction will only lead to disaster

Nouse strongly urges all those eligible to use their vote to prevent the BNP from securing a seat in the upcoming European elections

We must stop the naivety now. The BNP, a fascist and instrinsically racist organisation, are a clear and present danger. The number of votes that they require in Yorkshire to secure a seat in the upcoming European elections is undoubtedly reachable. Their racist dream must remain a dream.

This University is not populated by BNP voters. Indeed, there may be some here that mistakenly believe that their poisonous brand of political extremism is commendable: they are certainly in the minority. Instead, York is filled with political ideologies that begin at the mildly centre-right and continue left-wards. Most will not vote in the elections, due to a lack of interest or dissolusionment with the parties on offer. If, however, they are presented with the opportunity to prevent the BNP from winning a seat, securing funding and publicity, and continuing their drive towards greater power and influence across the European continent, many will cast their vote.

YUSU have their hands tied on this issue. They may well, as individuals – as this newspaper strongly hopes – abhor the ideology of the BNP, but are, despite what national and local groups may claim, unable to lend their considerable collective resources to an anti-BNP campaign.

Instead, students must take this matter into their own hands, and work on a micro level to ensure the message necessary to defeat the BNP is spread loudly and broadly enough. There are those on campus, from both the left and the right, who are ready to dedicate themselves to a large campaign designed to drum up support for the non-BNP parties. These campaigners should be praised and supported, whatever your political persuasion.

This newspaper strongly urges all those eligible to use their vote to prevent the BNP from continuing their abhorrent march on liberty.

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