First Woodstock lineup released

The line-up for this year’s Woodstock festival is beginning to take shape, with local bands Death Defying Life, Magic P and the Innuendos and Magnapow all set to perform.

A complete lineup will be released in week four.

The event, which takes place on Vanbrugh Paradise, is set to be one of the biggest, lasting 14 hours and with 250 performers, including 45 bands and societies and a 60 piece orchestra.

Other activities will include organised water fights, an adventure zone and an afterparty to be held in the Courtyard. Organisers Michael Thackray and Chris Kummelstedt hope the event will be a major success for campus.


  1. 12 May ’09 at 6:54 pm

    Dezzie Richards

    Can’t believe you’ve managed to get the mighty DDL on the bill!!
    Those guys are blinding!!!
    Cant wait!!


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  2. yea! DDL I’LL BE THERE!

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  3. 12 May ’09 at 8:48 pm

    giselle wajdner

    York’s finest and most well-established punk band!! awesome!! wish i didn’t live in edinburgh now, you’re going to be awesome :) have a great time and give york something decent to listen to other than flaccid indie electro bullsh**!! xxx

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  4. Magic P ftw… what about Foreman? Bring him back!

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  5. DDL-Awesome, gotta be there!!!!

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  6. DDL fucking rock! Boooyaaaaahhhh!!!

    Do we get Arctic Fury too?

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