A victory we should all be proud of

Congratulations to all York sports teams on their recent Roses success. York shone in the majority of events, and should be applauded not only for their excellent play, but also for their high levels of good sportsmanship throughout the competition.

The somewhat one-sided nature of this years Roses has brought many issues into light. How thoroughly Lancaster trained in comparison to York is being called into debate, and whether or not the competiton still holds the same significance to both Universities as it once did. Indeed, if this event continues in the same vein next year, it is possible that Roses will be thrown into jeopardy, and the continuance of the competition possibly threatened.

However, it is perhaps more prudent at this moment in time to focus on how and why York’s phenomenal success this weekend has been achieved. Does this victory, for example reflect the abilities of Sports President Alex Lacy? Is it likely that Emily Scott will be able to match or better Lacy’s performance in next years event in Lancaster? Furthermore, does this tremendous victory signify a ‘golden age’ for York sport, a symbol of even better things yet to come?

Most importantly though, perhaps we ought to emphasise the success of the event as a whole and the general atmosphere around campus. Combining two Universities into the space of one is a logistical nightmare, yet York seems to have managed this impressively and flawlessly. Despite pouring rain, hard ground and numerous other complications, those in charge did an excellent job of keeping on top of things. The majority of matches went ahead with minimal disruption, and challenging circumstances were dealt with calmly and effectively. The ambience surrounding campus is perhaps also worth noting. Students from all walks of life rallied together to cheer on York in what can only be described as an impressive and enthusiastic display of support.

This weekends Roses therefore, is something that all students should be proud of. Proud of how excellently our teams performed, proud of how well such a challenging event was executed, and most of all proud that we belong to a University where students’ attitudes remained dignified and sporting regardless of the score.

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