York keep dominant Lancaster at bay in women’s hockey

Photo: Sam Newsome

Photo: Sam Newsome


York Women’s Hockey firsts drew with their Lancaster opponents on Saturday, in a game that made up for a lack of goals with thrilling chances and quality play.

The result, which was cheered by York and booed by Lancaster, came despite huge second half pressure from the visitors. York captain Jaimie Unsworth, playing for York for the last time today, said that it was an “incredible performance against a very strong side.”

The match began with pressure from both teams. York’s excellent playmaker Andrea Pisesky was at the centre of some exquisite attacking moves and Laura Pepper had a number of chances to put her side ahead. However as the half progressed Lancaster began to dominate possession and send relentless waves of pressure at York. An incredible swansong from Unsworth and outstanding play from Charlie Bartlett somehow kept the attackers out.

Tensions rose at the beginning of second half as the large, and increasingly frustrated, visiting crowd began to taunt the home team. They were the loudest to cheer when, five minutes in, a Lancaster forward slammed her powerful shot into the York goal. However their joy soon turned to further frustration as the umpire disallowed the hit for its dangerous height.

Lancaster continued to press and receive countless short corners – each of them well defended. In attack Pisesky and the skilful Lizzie Hollins tried to feed to the forwards but were also kept out by some impressive defending. As in the day’s earlier seconds match, the crowd were struggling to work out how such an eventful game could still be goalless.

A clever flick from Laura Pepper set up a shot for Becky Bradley, but she was unable to get the strike in before the ball was pushed out wide to Anna Smith. York’s opportunities were few and far between, but both sides knew that only one good chance was needed for the game to be decided.

In the end there was to be no such moment. York sensed an opportunity in the final stages as a Lancaster player was sent off with a yellow card for dissent. They won a late short corner but, despite a well blocked shot, could not get the elusive win. Unsworth was still pleased, saying that her team had performed excellently against a “strong side with a bad attitude.”

She conceded that York had been under pressure for large periods but said that Hockey was “all about taking your chances.”

York: Cassie Barker (GK), Imy Eldergill-Storm, Lizzie Hollins, Marieke Hampshire, Phillipa Edmunds, Andrea Pisesky, Kate Wilson, Karen Wallace, Anna Smith, Charlie Bartlett, Laura Pepper, Laura Carter, Becky Bradley


  1. Dear Mr Leigh Clark,
    As a member of LUWHC I resent you’re biased article about the women’s hockey, and your hockey reports in general, to be honest. I do agree that York put up a good fight, but at the end of the day, you’re umpires were a disgrace, to say the least. If you could please arrange umpires who know the rules next time and not crumble under the pressure of a bit of banter, that would be great. If he was a decent umpire then our tempers wouldn’t have flared, there would have been less yellow cards thrown about, and it would have been a decent game, with a just scoreline. I do not believe that we have a bad attitude at all, we support our team, stand up for what we believe is right and not back down to threats from your lovely York sideline. You have already applauded banter from your own sideline, which evidently shows your biased nature.

    Next time, I hope Nouse will find a reporter who comments on the game from an unbiased position, rather than a pompus scribbler who tried to get into the thick of the action, but failed.


    Finny Jones

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  2. “She conceded that York had been under pressure for large periods” What? 70 minutes? Did York ever have the ball in our half?

    Lancaster were all over you. Don’t try and twist it and pretend that York have any idea how to play, or umpire hockey.

    These reports are joke. Theres biased and then theres this.

    See you next year, we’ll be the ones laughing as we score again.

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  3. I second EVERYTHING finny says, and I think it just goes to show that even though we didnt lose (ANY women’s games) we are still ridiculously annoyed just by the pure lack of control the umpires had over the game! I started off by thinking they were just really bad in general, but it soon began to get embarrasing for them and York when it was so blatently obvious that they just didnt have a clue about anything they were doing and couldn’t even explain themselves! So, when playing against 13 it makes it very difficult to win anything at all!!

    So, BAD ATTITUDE. . . .only to biased umpires not the York players, so your biased report only just extends annoyance! good fight yeh, but it must certainly be admitted that we dont play pansy hockey and we all know the rules ourselves and the umpires obviously didnt, or just thought they wouldnt when it came to white shirts!!

    Strength and honour,


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  4. A York newspaper? Biased towards York? Strange that…

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  5. No offence Lancaster ladies, but I don’t believe the article is that biased. At no point does it say Lancaster played badly and neither did it belittle your performance. The article does have more detail on the York performance, but then the reporter does attend York University and would know the players. It was a York player that said you had a bad attitude not the reporter, hence the quotation marks.

    I didn’t see the match and perhaps the umpires weren’t great, but are the above comments necessary? “I do not believe that we have a bad attitude at all”, really?! Like the facebook Roses page, the only comments I’ve seen from LUWHC are aggressive and from the above article, at times sulky and childish. I haven’t seen any other roses team (Lancaster or York) display an attitude as poor and unsporting as you have and I’m sure every one of them also supports their team and would stand up for themselves if they thought they were being treated unfairly. Perhaps you could learn something from them?

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  6. 11 May ’09 at 4:40 pm

    Michael with an A

    We play sport, aren’t we suppose to be enthused and aggressive? Just because York wasn’t as vigorous in their support as the Lancastrians doesn’t mean that Lancaster should be chastised for it. Saying that we were childish is ridiculous. It’s pathetic that we’re not allowed to complain about rubbish umpires when they were rubbish umpires. If anything you’re attitude is appauling York. Instead of saying we are immature you should be saying that you will be more commited to getting decent umpires next time you are hosting.
    Kindest regards,
    Michael with an A.

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  7. Dearest Mr.I-wasn’t-there-so-don’t-know-what-the-hell-i’m-talking-about-but-I’m-going-to-argue-just-for-the-sake-of-it-because-I-have-nothing-better-to-do-with-my-life-bystader.

    When someone starts an arguement with “no offence” then it’s just a cowardly way of offending the person/persons they have addressed. Of course you would think that the article isn’t biased, because obviously, you also are from York. Thank you for your patronising point about the captain saying we have a “bad attitude” but for the reporter to include this in the article means that they are publicising it. I strongly believe that the above comments are necessary, and you are obviously just another “Yorkie” who’s trying to sweep things under the carpet. I do believe that there have been several comments on the Roses page that are, and I quote, “aggressive…sulky and childish”, from both Lancaster and York. We are proud of our performance over the weekend, the better team did win. And as for York winning a “moral victory”, if Mr Leigh believes that losing or drawing just because the umpires are smarmy, naive idiots then I congratulate you. Well done.

    As for our “unsporting and poor attitude”, I think we show a great deal of support to our teams, no matter what. It has been proven this weekend that York only sing when they’re winning.

    All the best my dear bystander
    Finny Jones

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  8. 11 May ’09 at 4:51 pm

    Umpire Andrew


    I am Andrew, the umpire of these hockey games.

    There’s only one way to settle this argument, I was paid £300 by york university to make york win at any cost, no matter how ridiculous the decision. This was clearly demonstrated by my choice to disallow a perfectly reasonable goal from the quite clearly better lancaster side. This arrangement was made after York women’s second eleven defeat to a dominant Lancaster team. I apologise for my easy corruption, however, will be willing to try and reverse my disallowance of the goal for a further £400 from Lancaster University. I am genuinely sorry about this whole matter but they seemed desperate. Finally i would like to make it clear that i agree with banter from the sidelines, however, find it downright unacceptable to carry this “banter” through to our own publication, and bully Lancaster University players through their physical attributes, such as with Lancaster mens hockey team. THAT is unsporting.

    sincerely ,

    Note by a moderator: This is one of those times you should take the author of a comment with a pinch of salt. I have to say that for legal reasons.

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  9. “It has been proven this weekend that York only sing when they’re winning.”

    Finny, I think you’re quite right. To be be fair though, our voices were getting pretty tired out, as York were singing all weekend….

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  10. As if we care, if you learn anything today its that LUHC are out to win, which we did overall, and whether the university do or not we dont care! So, attitude or not we won roses hockey and thats that!

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  11. Umpires = Pretty Gash
    York get sum good banter uv got nothing!!!
    That is all :D! x

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  12. Brunster…

    Bad times, you have just admitted that York only sing when they’re winning. How bad of a supporter are you?! You just proved you have the intelligence of a raisin, and also, proved myself right. Fair enough, York did win pretty easily overall this year, and well done, you deserve it. BUT – LUHC did come just for the hockey, we had our own little battle and we won, and there wern’t that much banter from the good old Yorkies on the astros or at the indoor.

    Forever singing Lancaster La La La

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  13. Ouch Bruno, finny’s hit you pretty hard there HAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

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  14. 11 May ’09 at 5:22 pm

    Michael with an A

    Dear umpire Andrew,
    It’s quite alright, we at Lancaster will not require your services, as we like a fair game. We can win without the use of attrocious umpires. Go back to York’s hockey pitch. You don’t belong on any other hockey pitch, that is certain.
    Michael with an A

    P.s. It’s clear that the real umpire wouldn’t be writing on here. He’ll be feeling pretty ashamed about his unproffessional performance as it is.

    And to Bruno, I doubt you guys will have sore voices even now. Lancaster couldn’t hear you at the astro. In fact were York even present? In fact the York support were so quiet that the only way to tell if someone is from York, is if they are wearing silly hats.

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  15. 11 May ’09 at 5:31 pm

    Too many Yorkies spoil the festivities

    Stop picking on our hats Lancaster! x

    Note by a moderator: This was left from a Lancaster Uni PC, not by a York student.

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  16. ‘LUWHC shagged your dad’ is hardly the highest form of intelligence is it? Nor I would assume something to brag about?

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  17. good chat everyone!! bantteeerrrr!!!!

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  18. anon… i suppose its really not something for us to brag about.. given how york has the 2nd ugliest student population in the UK.. meaning the people that bred you can’t be all that great looking either. we just thought you should know.

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  19. Well i had your dad…and he was shit. Just like you umpires.

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  20. 11 May ’09 at 7:17 pm

    J "Bomber" Lancaster

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Lancaster uni bring along a megaphone so that they could make themselves heard? Although saying that I’m almost glad you did, some of the banter (mainly the stuff I heard whilst I was on the pitch) was hilarious.

    As for you not being able to hear the York supporters, I think that’s either because we were too busy offering nutritional advise to the overeaters anonymous section of LUHC, or in the case of the 3rds match because everyone was speechless after some of the awful LUHC challenges. (The horrendous slide tackle and the shoulder to the face incident I was particularly impressed by)

    And as far as the umpires go, would it really take that much effort to ask England Hockey if they could recommend a couple of decent un-biased North England regional umpires?

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  21. 11 May ’09 at 7:28 pm

    King of bad banter

    how can u call the umpires a disgrace as none of them are associated to the UYHC, i think we made a point of asking for neutral umpires so u would not wine, clearly we were mistaken and will make sure in 2 years we provide two umpires who will not give any decisions your way. i believe you are also missing the point that York won at 3 o clock on a saturday….LOOOOSSSEEEEERRRRSSSSSSS!

    You probably cudnt hear us singing because of the sound of lancaster crying over the immense victory of York!

    Another note, how can u give banter when you get 4 guys sent off in one game!

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  22. 11 May ’09 at 7:43 pm

    Billy bad chat

    Not associated to UYHC – you were on first name terms with them . . . i believe the quote of the day was ‘Thanks Andy’ . . .after having a decision reversed due to peer pressure. Try getting some umpires with qualifications – it’s not even like we’re being bitter – we walked away up on points from the Hockey. Next year we’ll provide some level 2s just like last year, hopefully you’ll provide some better banter – it’s always been a good laugh on the sidelines, it’s a shame you’re only piping up after we’ve left.

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  23. 11 May ’09 at 7:45 pm

    Billy bad chat

    And getting four people sent off in one game and still walking away with a victory gives us the right to give banter – it’s what third team hockey was all about, if they were better at hockey than sword-fighting and shoulder barging they’d be playing in the 2s!

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  24. We won the Hockey, which is quite clearly more important than everything else, despite the ‘neutral’ umpires’ best efforts. And wine is the stuff you drink, whether the umpire is shit or not.

    And Anon, your dad is my room right now. He’s nearly as bad as you.

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  25. pipe down yorkie.

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  26. King of bad banter… yep, you really are.

    We can easily call the umpires a disgrace because, to be frank, they were. They disallowed perfectly good goals, deliberately let decisions go that were distinctly obvious regarding York, such as feet etc, and also said snide comments to LUHC players. Are you sure that all the umpires had nothing to do with YUHC? I’ve heard that one of them we’re the 2’s goalkeeper, so once again, pipe down if you don’t know what you’re talking about. The only “wine[ing]” we did was drinking to celebrate after we tore the astro pitches up regardless of ridiculous umpires. At the end of the day, LUHC we’re victorious, too bad YUHC, see you next year. Losers? I think not. Fair play that you guys won by 3 o’clock on Saturday, you deserve every congratulations about that, but my dear, that’s not what we’re discussing here.

    Another note to you cheeky chops, we gave banter when our 3rds wiped the floor with yours even with only 8 men on the field! We will always stand by our team, winning or losing. The fact that many of you Yorkies have admitted to only singing when you’re winning now, shows how pathetic you really are. Please, strap on a pair for next year.

    Best wishes and all the luck in the world at getting a decent degree from that mickey mouse university that is York

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  27. Sammy:

    “Umpires = Pretty Gash
    York get sum good banter uv got nothing!!!
    That is all :D! x”


    A for effort love.

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    we dont likeee york, we dont like york

    p.s we miss 21 ;)

    Comment edited by a moderator

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  29. Will someone from LUWHC explain why shagging a 50 year old, greying, overweight man is something to be proud of?

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  30. no wait… that was your grandad yeh i had him too.

    We can see why your staying anonymous…not good jeans in your family love

    much love

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  31. they have experience, therefore can show luwhc a good time.

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  32. The Goat

    Private joke ……..PIPE DOWN!!!

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  33. Experience…counts for a lot sometimes.

    And that’s not a very nice thing to say about your own dad. Hope he stops your pocket money for that.

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  34. I’d be quite happy getting a mickey mouse degree from York, at least my degree would be worth something at the end of it rather than just being expensive toilet paper. Seriously guys, 3 years for that?

    Wouldn’t it have been cheaper for your parents to pay to put you back in a toddler group?

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  35. As the new Male President of UYHC I feel a duty to respond to the comments of a select few of Lancaster, since it appears as though much effort has been put in but York don’t seem to care. I can’t really blame them, since playground, unimaginative “BANTER!!!” does get a bit tiresome after a while.
    With regard to the main talking points of the weekend, yes the umpires didn’t have a great time. They may have been influenced by the home crowd, but you’d have to ask them that, but I’m confident that they’re decent enough not to have been purposeley biased. We could go on about the important decisions forever, they went both ways and umpires are human. Judge and accuse all you want if you can really be bothered.
    As for the crowds and inter-club relationships, maybe next year we’ll have an independent adjudicator who can tally all the points scored. Lancaster, we admit defeat on the volume side of things as you had a megaphone. As an aside, everyone hates Brian Blessed. Loud he may be, but he aint funny. I personally think that’s it’d be good after 3 days spent on the sideline together to have a quality, intense rivalry with mutual respect. I don’t know why Lancaster were in town not on campus on Saturday night, maybe you couldn’t get tickets. It’d cool to socialise a bit more next year, lets have a boat race?!
    Unfortunately the most annoyingly opinionated people have the habit of getting their voices heard on and off the pitch, and tirelessly bashing away at keyboards. I’m looking forward to next year already, to meet the Lancaterians on and off the pitch.
    Heads up to Klein, he was a nice guy.
    Take it easy, over and out.

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  36. 12 May ’09 at 12:21 am

    Concerned Brit

    Hello to all involved in this spurious debate…

    Couple of things:

    To start, I find it disappointing to see the products of British university education being so pointlessly splashed across the website of a well-meaning publication. Afterall, good luck naming a totally non-biased media publication.

    As for the University of York being a ‘Mickey Mouse’ university, I am bemused to find this forum dominated by Lancaster University students. I know the North-West is grim, bleak and frankly dull, but I do believe they have libraries and – if you must insist on calling your institution a university – you must have something more productive to pretend to be doing rather than posting on another university’s website.
    (Please see the Guardian league tables, which illustrate the result of a more insightful ‘Roses’)

    Lastly, since we are all supposed to be the intellectual elite of our nation, could we PLEASE remember our primary education. ‘You’re’ means ‘you are’ while ‘your’ is possessive. Please also remember and make use of the distinctions between ‘their’, ‘there’ and ‘they’re’.

    Now back to work you university and polytechnic students! You know who you are.


    The taxpayers who fund your jollies.

    P.S. I refuse to accept Finny as a name. Try again.

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  37. Lets me honest though…33 gave some effort with the megaphone, which would explain the effort when he played on the pitch, useless is one word…as well as the lack of trust his own team had in him

    Nice try matey :D

    We love 21!!!!

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  38. Reasonability is a word with more than 2 sylabuls (deliberatley spelled rong to emfasise how stupid people from lancaster are) however i believe that everyone should understand the meaning of the word. Fairness and sportsmanship are things unfortunatley missing from modern day sport. Even in a heated enviroment where bad chat is like a lancastrian with an STD (standard), there should be a certain degree of respect:
    Respect for the players you are playing against, lancaster came thinking they were going to win, that they were superior and they did not need to play to their full ability. When york proved they were not such puchovers lancs decided that they would play in a more physical way which at times was, no matter where you are standing, dangerous and unsporting.
    Respect for the umpires – in many ways the umpires have the hardest job oin the pitch making a decision on each tackle indivually but also keeping some degree of consitancy. Now when a player flicks the ball into the air and tap dribbles inbetween two players (thirds game, Adam Phillips owning two defenders) your captain decided he would play lumberjack with our captains legs. Now everyone thought this was a yellow and as the umpire knows the rules he gave it as such hence leading to the second yellow and a red. Your umpire, the leader and role model to the team decided then to furiously berate the umpire for what in his eyes was a correct decision. Your captain should respect the decision they give which is ultimatley (even if it is wrong) the decision that is given and is therefore right.

    There were several times when we had decisions given against us and i myself have given banter to umpires. However they cannot see everything and they did a cracking job all weekend and despite the bribe UYHC gave them i thought they stayed fair and if another umpire had been present then many of the decisions would be given the same way.

    We may have nothing, however what we are proud not to have is a slightly overweight thirds player with facial fungus and the sidelines with a ega phone and very bad chat. He summed up your club this weekend… dissapointing.

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  39. I’m in love with Concerned Brit…

    Also, someone spelt genes “jeans”… TERRIBLE.

    And “Best wishes and all the luck in the world at getting a decent degree from that mickey mouse university that is York” is extremely funny. We’ve had #2 teaching and #7 research and we’re consistently ranked higher than Lancaster. Lancs is higher in Physics and Maths, York is higher in Chemistry and Biology. York takes Psychology, computer science, English and history Lancaster takes economics and law… Though we both do badly at English and law. Anywho, we’re both solid universities and York is on average better. 85% satisfied at York, 89% at Lancaster. Also Finny is a failure of a name.

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  40. Let’s give LUHC some credit. They were one of the only Lancaster clubs to come to York and put up a fight. Hopefully we’ll all agree the hockey was well-contested, good to watch and enjoyable to play in.

    Both teams had bad chat, but that’s part of Roses. I personally thoroughly enjoyed the stuff I was getting from Lancaster; it made me laugh and spurred me on.

    I think your criticisms of the umpires are harsh. The cards given may look biased, but I feel that reflects the fact that Lancaster tackled worse (men’s 3s, for evidence) and gave the Umpires less respect, more than it reflects any bias. That said, each entitled to their own opinion and every Umpire is human.

    Well done to Lancaster for winning roses hockey. Hard luck in the mens’ 2s though guys (sorry couldn’t resist).

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  41. FINNY IS A REAL NAME …hows about you try again!!

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  42. All we wanted was a fun weekend, friendly banter and good hockey! I feel this year that you (YORK) have unfortunately let yourselves down from recent years. It’s always been a good laugh and there’s been decent banter but there was a distinct lack this year besides abuse about the extra food consumption some of our players my have partaken in. It has been stated previously that the issues on the pitch were by no means with the York players but their umpires which it has been agreed ‘didnt have a great weekend’ and ‘may have been influenced by the home crowd’.

    I feel it unnecessary to state the academic differences between our universities and the mistakes in grammar and spellings as we dont care about any of that, the issue here was the hockey which yes we won, but it was a well fought battle.

    I hope you can agree with some of the reasons why we got so frustrated during the games, and i admit that some bad tackles (in the mens 3’s) were worthy of yellow cards, but a red. . . .in a 3’s games at roses i feel was somewhat unnecessary!

    I boat race may be a good ice-breaker next year but you do realise that we are undefeated so you best get practicing!

    p.s. we could’ve quite easily got tickets for sat we just choose not to, like the majority of our university!

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  43. 12 May ’09 at 3:40 pm

    Miss. Finny Jones

    Dear to whom it may concern,

    Thank you for the intelligent observation that “Finny” isn’t a real name, but my mum told me not to give my real name out to strangers. Let’s bring this back to the point I initially made, which was th umpires were a disgrace and the reports from Nouse are biased, putting a negative aspect on what was a great weekend. Fair enough LUHC went to town on the saturday night, but we wanted to see the bright lights of York. Next year we will accept your challenge to a boat race, with pleasure, we’ve ran out of Lancaster sports teams to challenge anyway.

    I wish York would stop trying to hide the fact that the umpires were not biased. They clearly were, and that is what rattled our cages. If it would have been a fair game we would have been more sporting and not have felt that York cheated, and from what I’ve heard it’s not just in the hockey that had biased refs.

    To the pompus idiot who wrote about tax and such, pipe down! What have you got to do with this discussion at all? Nothing, and if you’re as ignorant as you seem then you realise that us students pay an astounding amount compared to the older generation who got grant after grant to attend university, as our parents did. I believe we deserve to have sporting weekends like Roses, which was fantastic despite the horrendous umpiring, York’s bad attitude towards some banter and coverage that was a disgrace!

    Key board bashing? I tap away gently at my key board thank you very much, I have lost my voice since the weekend, although I’m sure all of your’s are still intact because I didn’t hear a peep from the York sideline, bring some competition to Lancaster next year please.

    Yours Truly

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  44. My sister used to have a horse called Finny.

    Finny, is that you?

    Come home and I will give you some oats!

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  45. ‘bring some competition to Lancaster next year please.’

    Wasn’t it your hockey club that cost you Roses last year. Shame, real shame.

    And then you could of come to York this year with a little bit of competition, but yep you lost before we had even got half way through.

    O well, to the competition next year Lancaster.. ;)

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  46. The Goat – you have as much wit and intelligence as a peanut, well done you, I’m sure everyone’s laughing at your pathetic attempt to be comical. *tumble weed passes by some goat*.

    Huckleberry – you are also wrong, our hockey didn’t “cost us Roses last year” because if it was down to hockey then we would have won hands down, especially since we won every single game on the women’s side and most of the mens. There are other sports involved in Roses you know, or maybe you don’t know.

    That is all.

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  47. Who knew that people with so much in common, i.e. the love/like of hockey, being the same age, living in the same country, could be so abusive towards each other? You can have friendly rivalry without it descending into this.

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  48. bless. is all of Lancaster so simple?

    bring on the Christians: Huncan & Rob.

    they will pray for you. incest is a sin.

    love & giggles.


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  49. Finny, can we make sweet love?

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  50. Finny do you know what the Carter-James Trophy looks like?

    No of course you don’t, it’s beautiful.

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