Not quite walking on the Sea of Galilee

As I write I am sat by the Sea of Galilee, a swimming pool to my left and a warm breeze coming off the ‘sea’.

Tiberias itself is both poetic and profane, biblical and brash. The largest town on the Sea of Galilee Tiberias is the centre of Christian pilgrimage to the region, but it is also a young town which is slightly reminiscent of the nicer parts of Kavos or Ibiza. Tiberias, therefore, is trying to be something it’s not. It’s forcing itself to look like a Mediterranean resort and ignoring it’s main tourist group; geriatrics visiting the base of Jesus’ ministry. Again this is a great example of Israeli politics, a country trying to be something it isn’t and ignoring the people this affects. Tiberias and it’s forgotten pilgrims is a metaphor for Israel and it’s forgotten (and shafted) Palestinians.

So Tiberias we now have some sort of image of. It’s a beautiful place, by the way. Cool breezes long beeches and a lovely sense of stillness. Especially after the harassment of Jerusalem.

The other thing which may interest you is the Kibbutz which I visited today. This particular Kibbutz (a Jewish community) was in the Jericho wilderness near the Dead Sea, and had some ancient scrolls worth seeing. Whilst there, however, I also heard the verbal spew masquerading as ‘history’ which was spewed at us by a young 25 year old Jewish hippy kibbutz dweller.

Whether by personal ignorance, self assertion or indoctrination it seemed to be the belief of this 25 year old speaker that before the kibbutz there had been no one in the area for 1500 years. He understood nothing of Palestinians, ignored their presence in the land for centuries and instead argued that the desert was empty after the Jews left.

The ignorance was palpable

Right. Something entertaining from today. Erm. The watch seems to be working again (I know you were all worried!) I bought a Lute yesterday, which is proving to be difficult to understand. Anybody who knows what a Lute should be tuned to the order of please do let me know!

Tomorrow to Nazareth to visit some sort of ancient historical reenactment place.

Sleep well.

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  1. Good luck with bringing the lute back through customs … tuning depends on the type of lute you bought and how many ‘courses’ it has (pairs of strings). If you have a 6 string tenor lute then it should be tuned in 4ths – assuming a key of ‘G’ this would mean a tuning of GG Cc FF AA dd g.

    If it has 8 courses then you’re probably adding DD FF to the lower course whilst a 10 course lute CC DD EbEb FF GG Cc FF AA dd g

    I offer you for some chords :-)

    Which Kibbutz had the ancient scrolls? Was it Al Mog?

    Hope you’re enjoying yourself :-)

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