Yallah Ṭabariyyah

Good evening dear reader,

I’m sure the vast readership that this blog commands was worried about my absence yesterday evening. I unfortunately fell asleep in the early after noon and was as such incapacitated from writing to you all as usual. This does mean that we’ve got twice as much to cover.

Before we start, I am reliably informed that I have picked up some welsh readership (you know who you are). I hope the following makes sense: na arwydda chan ‘r chriba ai toothbrush fel eto!

So tomorrow morning I will be traveling to Tiberias in the north, the next part of the fun-filled journey that we’re all enjoying! The title, by the way, is in Arabic, meaning “Let’s Go Tiberias.”

So yesterday I visited the Al Shurooq School for the Blind in Beit Jala. It was really quite sad, I’m not entirely sure I can convey it in so few words, but imagine a school full of young blind Palestinian children, many of them with mental issues as well. On my flickr page – http://tinyurl.com/ord4bh – there are some pictures of a young Palestinian child who both lost his sight, and his grasp on reality after his family were stopped at a checkpoint as they tried to rush him to hospital with meningitis. This story not only represents the sadness and tragedy of the school, but also the disaster and danger of the Israeli checkpoints.

Yesterday also meant lots of pictures of the wall in Beit Lehem (Bethlehem. Meaning house of bread or house of meat), as well as a few ‘covert’ pictures of a checkpoint that we got stopped and turned away from. These images will be going up on Flickr as soon as I have time to look at them.

Today I had a couple of interviews with Angela Godfrey-Goldstein and Michael (Mikado) Warschawski. I talked with Angela mainly about the wall, settlements and maps, an article on this info will undoubtedly follow soon. Michael was something of an inspiration. Military prison 3 times, prison once, interrogated by the head of the secret police and founder of 2 different organisations and a political party. Michael had an incredible story and his political observations were brilliant. He believes that colonialism is the root of it all. An article on him will follow as soon as I can get my head around it.

On the Saga of the Lax Pari, yesterday the screen smashed, the back exploded and the digital section stopped working. Excitingly I was able to repair the back and remove the fickle second hand at the same time, bringing the analog section back into play. Today, however, the analog section seems to be varying between fast and slow at a whim. Time, it seems, is no longer of the essence!

I hope you’ve enjoyed Jerusalem, do check out the pictures – http://tinyurl.com/ord4bh – I’m sorry they’re a bit arty, it’s sort of my thing. Normal ones will go up when I get around to it.

See you in Tiberias!

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