Roses 2009 LIVE: Sunday

Join Nouse for the final day of Roses 2009

4:22 pm

It’s all over, but if you can’t make the closing ceremony, it’s being broadcasted live on YSTV, click the button to the right.

4:21 pm

Its been a pleasure blogging to you. This is Tasha signing off…

oh and Lancaster won the croquet

4:09 pm

The final score for Roses this year is 194.5 – 79.5. York have won, fantasmic!

4:05 pm

The croquet goes on… more importantly the canteen has run out of chips.

4:02 pm

Its 6-4 to Lancaster as the hockey is over. The players stroll off merrily and the abuse ends abruptly.

3:57 pm

Lancaster may be winning the croquet, they have got 2 wickets. I thought that was cricket though…?

3:54 pm

The rain is decending ever closer… as is the closing ceremony . i smell trouble

3:48 pm

The provosts have finished their clay pigeon shooting and its 42 – 31 to York. We citizens of York University indulge in a vast array of sports. I think they call it culture or something.

3:47 pm

6 – 4 Lancaster in the Hockey match. Who knew life could be so exciting.

3:46 pm

Alex Lacy is not the best at croquet apparently…

3:42 pm

This Hockey is apparently quite interesting- Violence, glory and near victory, This is ROSES!

3:41 pm

Its 5-4 in what is turning out to be a very exciting hockey game. There’s a red card for a Lancaster boy.

3:40 pm

Croquet seems to be going well…

The vice chancellor is playing some mean croquet for York, except he keeps picking up the ball.
Our reporter Camilla seems mildly scared at this point, as the drunk rugby boys stumble towards her…

3:37 pm

They think its all over? Its is now. The York footballers won 4- 0. Its also all over the goal mouth as one wandering rugby player takes a pee

3:35 pm

Its 5 – 2 in our violent thirds Hockey game. Number 33 seems to be what the York crowd are pinning their amusement on as they hurl continuous abuse at him.

3:32 pm

Its 4- 0 to York in the Mens Football. Dom O’shea scores and the goal.

3:31 pm

Its 4 – 1 to Lancaster in the Hockey. A ‘ red hat’ forewell with a penalty flick did for York, whatever that means.
I take back my last post , violence is never the answer

3:28 pm

Its 4- 0 Lancaster in the Hockey thirds match. Maybe violence is the solution, for small sport games only.

3:26 pm

The crowds of York are getting vocal towards the no 33 Lancaster Hockey player. He tries to give some back,,, not really working though.

3:23 pm

Archery Sam Newsome 2009-05-10_MG_6791

Archery won 6 points for York today

3:21 pm

Lancaster now lead 3 -0 in Hockey game. A penalty flick was scored after the keeper was penalised for putting his body on the line.

3:20 pm

50 – 38 is the final score in Basketball. Great win for York.

The crowds were amazing.

3:18 pm

Its Hockey thirds at half time. Lancaster lead 2 -0.

Our reporter is appalled as York have played more skillfully, and become victim to a series of unfair tackles

3:16 pm

51 seconds left in the basketball 46- 38 to york. Time to put a fork in this wrap.

3:14 pm

The York mens 1sts football team are 3 – 0 up as Anton ‘dreams’ Murphy scores and takes his shirt all the way off.

3:13 pm

3 minutes left in the basketball. 42- 38 to York. oh boy its close

3:03 pm

Another yellow card has been given out to a Lancaster player in the mens hockey thirds for ‘ dirty, dirty , dirty play.’

3:01 pm

Its 42 – 36 to York in the basketball with 7 minutes left. This is going to be a close one.

3:00 pm

Two Lancaster players have been yellow carded in the hockey, and have quickly been removed from the scene.

2:59 pm

The croquet is about to happen, however Lacy seems to be having trouble setting up the pitch and is therefore reading the manual instructions for set – up as he goes. Preparation is the key here i think.

2:56 pm

Its the end of the 3rd quarter in the mens Basketball. York are up 40 – 32. There are ten more nail – biting minutes left.

If York win it will be an amazing victory for the basketball side. A great end to the season.

2:53 pm

Lancaster score again in the mens Hockey thirds, now 2 – 0 up.

2:52 pm

The York Table tennis A team are reportedly 5-4 up and its about to become 6- 4.
A shock win for York no. 3 player who beat Lancasters best. Underdog wins are the best.

However the York B team are 6-5 down, Constant Cath is about to play for York now, hopefully on a win for the next set.

2:46 pm

Its 37 – 24 to York at the Basketball. The Lancaster side are turning on one another and tearing each other apart, the coach shouts at Lancasters star player, who in turn shouts right back at him.

Time out has been called.

2:42 pm

Its 1 – 0 to Lancaster in the Mens Hockey thirds. The weather is stable.

2:38 pm

The Mens 1sts Footie team have scored again for York making it 2 – 0 against Lancaster.
Murrills delivers the goal for the home side.

2:30 pm

Its 28- 22 to York in the mens basketball at half time.

The Lancaster side are a renowned team but the crowds are really pushing York onwards. The Lancaster coach slams his hand on the floor with bitter rage almost every time his team lose a basket. The passion.

2:22 pm

There is a massive 1 point at stake in the mens thirds hockey.

They are warming up for the last
kick off of the tournament.

2:19 pm

Mixed 2nd Hockey, 10-05-09, Photo: Justyn Hardcastle

a beautiful fan graces the scene

2:16 pm

The croquet this afternoon has been moved to the 22 acres, as they wish to ‘get bigger crowds’

It should make a huge of difference

2:12 pm

lancaster players are reportedly going mental at the basketball match.

If you were making a telephone call to a friend at the game your voice would simply be washed away

2:09 pm

By the end of the first quarter the York Basketball team are leading 17-15.Captain Joyce has scored 5 hoops for York.

The crowds go wild.

2:07 pm

After a dubious penalty York are up 1- 0 in the mens football 1sts.

1:59 pm

The Basketball is facing frantic times. York are up 13 – 7.

1:58 pm

The womens footie has finished with Lancaster winning 5- 0.

1:54 pm

Archery Sam Newsome 2009-05-10_MG_6773

More action from the archery

1:53 pm

Mens 1st Basketball – the lads are 8-2 against the visitors, after a good start. The Nouse sports team are leading the cheers down in the tent.

1:48 pm

Just what you’ve all been waiting for, Archery photos.

Archery Sam Newsome 2009-05-10_MG_6787

1:46 pm

Women’s football has finished 5-0 to Lancaster. You don’t see them relieving themselves on the goal line.

1:44 pm

Unsettling news from the football. The match has finished 4-0 to York, but the real story came when several Lancaster players strolled up to the goal line, whipped it out and relieved themselves on the pitch. Nouse Editor Henry Foy calls for deportation. Bloody philistines.

1:35 pm

Someone out there is listening. York are now 4-0 up in the football, Dan Cox claiming his second of the afternoon.

1:33 pm

It’s still 3-0 out on the football pitch, it’s becoming a little difficult to watch according to Dan Hyde, our intrepid sports editor.

1:16 pm

We have a final score in the basketball, this one finished 43-37 to York. We hear from our man down there that it was a great match and York just about held on.

12:55 pm

It’s getting tense in the basketball. 33-29 to York going into the final quarter. Definitely one to keep an eye on.

12:51 pm

Good news, another match has finished. The hockey ended up 2-1 to York.

12:49 pm

Lancaster are up 4-0 in the women’s football now. I don’t see York pulling this one back.

12:48 pm

Hockey news. York are leading 2-1.

12:45 pm

If anyone can correctly guess the final score, they will win a pony.

12:43 pm

Being reflective, it’s almost a shame that York claimed victory so early. At least there was a little excitement last time. I don’t see Alex Lacy running away from Greg Dyke on the croquet pitch to see if York wins by 100 or 110 points.

12:40 pm

2-0 now in the hockey, not looking good.

12:34 pm

York have pulled the score back at half time in the Women’s basketball, it’s now 23-17 to the home side.

12:32 pm

More men’s football news. It’s not looking good for the Lancaster boys as they have ended up fighting over the same ball and one of them has ended up laid out on the floor. Well done.

Also, a word of warning. The rugby boys have dressed up in “interesting” attire and are looking for trouble. They’re harmless really, just little blond pussycats. Not as cute though.

12:25 pm

In the men’s football, York are already 3-0 up with only 20 minutes played. Possibly too much VK last night for the Lancaster boys?

In a strange parallel, Lancaster are now 3-0 up in the women’s football. Possibly Lancaster boys with York girls, both drinking too much? Who knows.

12:23 pm

A great chip from the left wing from Lancaster in the Women’s football has led to another goal. 2-0 to Lancaster now.

12:18 pm

Women’s basketball action, we’re 11-9 down at the end of the first quarter but I’m told it’s a close game. Might be worth heading over to the tent to watch this one unfold. As long as you’re not over at the table tennis, which is “thrilling”.

12:13 pm

Bad news from the table tennis. Apparently this could go on for hours. The closing ceremony is at 4, so they’d better get on with it. Can’t we just award the win to the team with the most colourful bats?

12:12 pm

In the women’s football, Lancaster have taken a 1-0 lead over the home side. Our hack reports that there are plenty of inflatables around. The football may not be top flight, but at least they’ll float. York University: Always thinking.

12:07 pm

It appears as though the allure of ping pong balls and little multi coloured bats has gotten too much for our man in the field. We might be winning in the table tennis, we might not be. Who knows? Do you care? Answers on a postcard.

12:05 pm

Table tennis news now, York are performing well with both A and B teams leading the way. We’ll keep you posted.

12:00 pm

There’s a fairly big wasp on the window inside the office. It had better stay there, or the blogging may be suspended.

11:57 am

We’ve had a streaker out on the hockey pitch, although this one is a bit strange. We got to witness the whole process, he took his clothes off, jumped on a bike, took the applause and then casually got his clothes back together. Way to make streaking an anticlimax.

11:49 am

In the mixed hockey seconds confrontation, York have broken the deadlock and got themselves ahead. 1-0.

11:47 am

Full time in the Lacrosse, York have continued the trend of looking for a cricket score. This one finished 22-5.

11:41 am

It’s all finished in the volleyball, York have claimed another four points with a 25-19 win in the final set – taking the final score to 3-0. This whole “York winning” thing is starting to get a little tired.

11:37 am

In the Archery, York are currently winning the women’s experienced and the men’s novice categories, Lancaster are currently winning the female novice category, and the men’s experienced is tied at the moment.

Don’t worry we’re still trying to work out what that mean’s, too.

11:36 am

22-18 in the third (and possibly final) set in the Volleyball. This could wrap it up for York.

11:35 am

1-1 in the latest table tennis ‘B’ game and 1-0 in the ‘A’ game.

11:34 am

We’re lamenting the falling of another hero of the football world here at the blog. Apparently Ledley King went out last night and knocked someone silly. How many is that now, with John Terry’s antics, Steven Gerrard’s arrest this year, and Niklaaaaaaarse Bentner getting caught with his trousers round his ankles (literally)?

Let’s hope Ledley didn’t do it. We thought he was a good chap until now.

11:31 am

At the table tennis play has temporarily stopped while a Lancaster player changes into shorts. Mind games.

According to Tom Hobohm, this is “officially the dorkiest sport in the world” as a sea of headbands and glasses accosts his eyes. We know you just want to get one of those headbands on, really, Tom.

11:28 am

12-10 in the volleyball.

11:28 am

Next player up at the table tennis Solid Catherine. Like solid snake but with a bat. She’s pretty good apparently.

11:26 am

York have taken the lead 9-8 in the volleyball and in the Lacrosse it has become an utter rout, with York now 20-4 to the good.

11:25 am

Lancaster are staging a comeback in the table tennis. They’ve taken the third set in the ‘A’ team match.

In the ‘B’ team, though, a miserably Lanc is close to tears. Cheer up, there’s always next year.

11:23 am

Football firsts captain Matt “Brummie Matt” Witherwick has announced the squad for today’s game.

Andrew Emmerson, Laurie Swann, Greg Gardner, Shaun Evans, Alex Cooper, Ian Mckellow, Joe Brennan, Ed Murrills, Tom Wilson, Matt Witherwick, Mark McLeod, Dom O’Shea, Mark Gouland, Anton “Dreamz” Murphy.

Will Dreamz get the nod over the mercurial Gouland?

11:19 am

The York ‘A’ and ‘B’ teams have taken their respective second sets in the table tennis. 2-0 in both now.

11:17 am

At the Volleyball an awe-inspired Ioannis Costas tells us he’s never seen anyone quite as happy as captain Jack Butcher is after every point York score, he’s really enjoying this one.

2-0 in the third set.

11:14 am

York have won the second set 27-25 to go two sets up in the best of five volleyball match.

11:13 am

Both the ‘A’ team and ‘B’ team have won their opening sets at the table tennis for York.

There should be plenty of points here for the home team after a successful season took them to the BUCS Championships in Sheffield last month.

11:13 am

Both the ‘A’ team and ‘B’ team have won their opening sets at the table tennis for York.

There should be plenty of points here for the home team after a successful season took them to the BUCS Championships in Sheffield last month.

11:11 am

Meanwhile the table tennis bats off and a confused Tom Hobohm tells us “it’s 2-2 in one game, 4-4 in the other, which is which? I have no bloody idea.”

11:10 am

23-20 and York need to keep focus in the mixed Volleyball to close this out.

11:08 am

20-20 in the volleyball. It’s tense.

11:08 am

Can we just point out victorious York Sport President Alex Lacy’s comment below?

Apparently late last night in the Darts, Si Rimington from Lancaster threw flight first (that’s throwing the wrong end of the dart first, by the way) and still won his darts leg. We’re gobsmacked here on the blog. Gobsmacked.

11:05 am

One of the Lacrosse players is sporting a sombrero over on the 22 Acres. It’s party time out there and they’re running amok.

11:04 am

11-10 to York in the Volleyball. This really is a mirror image of the first set.

11:02 am

With York having wrapped up the victory yesterday, it seems the archers aren’t taking this too serious. Apparently one of our rival media outlet’s reporters has been recruited to score. The thing is he doesn’t know much about sport in general, let alone archery, he tells us.

With Archery going on until around 3.00pm, we wish him the best of luck, he’ll need it.

10:58 am

Early in the second set at the volleyball it’s 4-2 Lancaster. York have started this set just as they did the last.

10:56 am

13-3 to York in the mixed Lacrosse. Two early goals just served to anger the York and they have taken complete control.

10:50 am

And the quality of volleyball is much improved on yesterday’s showing, we’re told. Rallies are lasting longer and it’s tit-for-tat.

10:47 am

York take the first set in the Mixed Volleyball, 25-19. Sounds like it was a shaky start as the players adapted to each other’s game, but they now truly have the wind in their sails

10:46 am

Grand slam Sunday in the Premier League later: Manchester United v Manchester City and Arsenal v Chelsea. We’ll try and keep you posted so you don’t have to leave the action here. As if you would ever leave us…

10:43 am

York nudge into the ascendancy once more in the thrilling Mixed Volleyball, 19-18 the latest in the first set

10:43 am

Additional reports from yesterday’s matches will be going online throughout the day, so keep a close eye on our Roses homepage

10:41 am

15-15 in the volleyball, where the teams are very evenly matched.
Is there a big crowd there? “No” replies Tasha curtly. Fair enough. Get down there people!

10:39 am

It gets better still, York have swung the score around in the Mixed Volleyball to edge in front 14-12 in the first set.

10:37 am

York have surged back in the Mixed Lacrosse and currently lead 6-3. The crowd looks suspiciously hungover, according to our observant man on the scene, Andrew Brown

10:33 am

10-4 to Lancaster in the Mixed Volleyball. Looks like York are taking a little while to gel in this one.

10:32 am

Just in case you needed reminding: the College Cup starts tomorrow morning. If you haven’t signed up to our fantasy football competition yet, you really should…

10:29 am

Lancaster starting to assert themselves in the Mixed volleyball, they currently lead 6-1 and are “looking good” according to our miserable-sounding volleyball expert Tasha Tranter

10:26 am

Early news from the Mixed lacrosse fixture this morning and it’s 2-0 to Lancaster. A combination of York’s men’s and women’s teams, both hugely successful, should make an explosive mixture

10:20 am

Leigh ‘Danger’ Clarke is heading towards the archery with abandon. Does this man know no fear?

10:18 am

Anyone fancy bringing us breakfast? No?

10:16 am

There’s a sea of bright peroxide blonde milling around by the lake in the vicinity of Vanbrugh. Yes, it’s the Lancaster rugby team, up and about remarkable early. Prepare the safety ropes..

10:07 am

Tasha Tranter has braved the early pains of Sunday morning and is basking in the warm glow of the tent at the volleyball.

They’re warming up, looking to get going pretty soonish.

10:06 am

A quick update from late, late last night in Derwent Bar. The Pool actually finished around 11.50pm after what had seemed like several weeks of potting and putting on the green cloth of those wobbly tables over in Doodles. Final results: York pick up the men’s Pool, the women’s went to Lancaster – 4 points each – and in the darts Lancaster took the women’s and York the men’s.

All that has boosted the totals to 159.5 – 62.5 to York. We’ll be honest, it’s not close.

10:01 am

But we know not all of you will be able to make it out to the field of play – hell, there’s finals still in pipeline this term. So if you’re a busy bee revising in that joyous of joyful places, the Raymond Burton, then stay tuned and get comfortable for what could be a record breaking day for York if the points keep streaming in.

Without further ado, let the battle commence.

9:57 am

First up at 10.00am are the mixed lacrosse and volleyball to go along with tantalizingly tasty archery.

A top tip from the blog team is to head over, briefly, to the lacrosse and take a peek in at the archery (it’s an intrigue, but gets a little tedious after a few hours, if we’re honest) but then get back for the rest of the mixed volleyball. York men’s team whitewashed Lancaster yesterday, but the women’s was entirely dominated by the Red Rose. Mixing the two teams up for today’s match should provide a very close contest.

9:52 am

If you missed any of the action yesterday’s action-packed bonanza, you can catch up with our reporters on the Roses Homepage

The other highlights coming up today include the ever-entertaining men’s and women’s Basketball in the tent, the Archery on the 22 Acres that should provide quite a spectacle starting at 10.00am this morning, and mixed matches in the hockey, volleyball and lacrosse.

9:47 am

Good morning and welcome to Roses day three. Wake up, shake off the fragments of last night’s superb Rave of the Roses, and prepare yourselves for another sporting marathon.

The victory might be mathematically assured for York, but there’s still pride to play for and we’re set for an exciting day with the men’s Football firsts taking centre-stage on the 22 Acres. As always, we’ll keep you up-to-date and informed throughout the day with the Live Blog, and match reports flowing in.


  1. York can still break the 200 mark, by my (questionable) maths there’s enough points and five to spare.

    Oh, and can we highlight that Si Rimington from Lancaster won his darts match last night throwing flight first, which is pretty impressive! Credit where credit’s due.


  2. Technically, that’s true, Alex… but we’d have to win virtually everything. I can’t imagine that it could realistically happen…

    But yes, gobsmacked is right. That’s insanely talented!


  3. Hope you’re not going to forget the women and get caught up on the excitement of 1sts outdoor football?


  4. Is possible, as long as they don’t score above the points of [maximum points and take away 200] (62.5 at the moment) that will be fine….But to be honest, I agree with Jason, it is going to be really hard.


  5. I mean 62.5 is the points that they’ve got at the moment.


  6. If anyone predicted the final score before midnight on The Yorker, they’ll win Party passes for Tru. I’d say that’s better than a pony. Mostly cos my house doesn’t have a stable. shame.


  7. “If anyone predicted the final score before midnight on The Yorker, they’ll win Party passes for Tru.”



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