Dead Sea, Dead Zealots and a Dying Watch

Ladies & Gentlemen; firstly I would like to apologise for my very slothfully written blog post last night. As you may have been able to tell I was really rather tired, and the verbal diarrhoea which I flung at you really wasn’t my best work.

Secondly I would like to point out how impressive it is that you are still reading this blog, considering the phenomenal Roses coverage which I have spent the last half an hour catching up on.

Right, so on to today. Today was a day of two parts; firstly the harrowing and tiring experience of Masada, an ancient fortress in the mountains by the dead sea, and secondly the relaxing peace and calm of a dead sea spa and the swimming pool that accompanies it.

Masada has an amazing story to it, which, frankly, I can’t be bothered to transcribe here. It is quite interesting and if you are interested in hearing the exciting story of the unconquerable fortress which was conquered, do check out the wikipedia.

The dead sea really is a bizarre place. I’ve personally been in the sea before, but I was persuaded to go in again this time. To me bathing in the sea seem remarkably reminiscent of wallowing, as tourists young and old float around, idly bumping into each other and proclaiming that they’ve finally completed one of their life’s aims. Lovely.

Politically I have nothing of interest to report today, except to pass on that Captain Benjamin Rutland, having felt that my interview schedule was too left wing, is trying to persuade me to arrange a meeting with some more right wing Jewish commentators. Top of the list at the moment is Dr. Jonathan Spyer.

Instead of unfunny t-shirts or amusing overheard comments, today I feel like I should share with you the Saga of the Lax Pari Watch. The Lax Pari watch is a watch which I bought in the Souq (the arab market) for 50NIS (roughly £10). I needed a watch for the fortnight as I had left mine at home and I was more than happy to fork out the £10 for this one, especially as the guy originally wanted 350NIS (roughly £70). This complacency was probably my first mistake.
The watch has both a digital and analog interface, and the day after I bought it the second hand fell off and the light stopped working. This is when thing truly began to unwind. The second hand has managed to jam itself between the minute and hour hand, halting the analog watch completely.
The digital part of the watch is 5 minutes slow, and the alarm seems to go off at will. The buttons no longer work and the strap likes to break off. It may not have been the bargain I originally thought.

Right, I’m going to get a drink. Sportsmen, good luck. Bloggers, good luck. Everyone else, get supporting!

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